Pasta Recipes and Comfort Foods

The best foods make us feel the best, and pasta is definitely one of those. Good pasta reminds us of mother's cooking, so what better food to make us feel safe a comfortable than a steaming bowl of pasta with a great sauce on top? With all the varieties of pasta, there is something for everyone, and you are sure to find a variety that you like really well.

When you are trying to determine a pasta recipe that you'd like to use for a party of a dinner, it helps to have an idea of the kinds of pastas that are out there. Spaghetti is a very popular variety associated with childhood lunches and dinners, so it goes well with the idea of pasta recipes as comfort food. Other good pasta for relaxing frayed nerves includes any lasagna recipe.

Gnocchi is really tasty and comforting because it tends to be a lot more filling than most other kinds of pasta, since it is made with potato flour and egg instead of the usual semolina wheat flour and eggs. The best kind of pasta in my opinion is the long ribbon types like linguine and angel hair, but bowtie and spiral pasta, and macaroni make good pasta dishes as well. What could be more comforting than homemade macaroni and cheese?

My favorite sauces to comfort freaked out people are creamy Alfredo sauce recipes, but these are sometimes not the kind that people want. Tomato sauce with ground beef is also really good and serves the purpose well.

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