Orchid Gardening For Beginners

People have been caring for the orchid plant for many, many years, so it's actually a custom that has come through the ages to us. There are so many types or orchids that individual care for each one would make for a very long list, but there are some basics for orchid gardening that hold true for many of the species of orchids that are most commonly grown.

Orchid care is not a great deal different than caring for any plant - it's not extremely difficult in most cases, but it must be undertaken with much care. Those who are beginners in orchid gardening will usually discover that they are able to keep their orchids alive and green, but they may have trouble getting them to bloom. If you select an easier orchid, this can make your gardening a more rewarding experience.

Cymbidiums are a popular kind of orchid that does well with minimal care and expertise. There are over forty species of this breed, and literally thousands of hybrids based on the breed. Cymbidiums have probably been grown by people for the longest time of any orchid. This orchid plant can grow on the ground, on trees, and on rocks. They were originally grown in Southeast Asia, China, Japan and Australia, but now can be found in many other countries. Cymbidiums are very forgiving of ignorant orchid care and thus are very well-suited for beginners in orchid gardening. If you care properly for these orchids, they will bloom every growing season.

Dendrobiums are a large and varied breed of orchids, consisting of over one thousand species. These lovely orchids were originally found in Polynesia, Australia, Southeast Asia and Northern India. Dendrobiums thrive most fully in areas near the equator. But although they are most accustomed to tropical and humid weather, they can also be grown in areas with winter and summer seasons. This is not as easy an orchid to grow, as they can be difficult to get to bloom, but if you've been orchid gardening for awhile, you might want to try your hand at this orchid.

Phalaaenopsis orchids have long-lasting blooms, and they are forgiving of ignorance by those new to orchid care. This orchid is originally found in the Philippines, and is used commonly for weddings.

The Vanda orchid is an excellent choice for a first-time grower. Vandas usually throw gorgeous flowers in clusters, in colors of yellow, red, orange or blue, and the blooms can last for nearly two weeks.

Orchid care for the beginner is mostly about the amount of water, temperature, humidity and light that you provide to your plants. Orchids need regular watering but not over-watering. They do best in temperatures that don't vary more than fifteen degrees between day and night. They need to have a humid area in which to grow their best, and they need bright light - but not too much, and not much direct sunlight.

Orchid gardening for the beginner is not as easy as growing some other hardier plants, but the rewards are great if you have the patience to learn the basics of orchid care. There are some orchid breeds that can be more difficult and "finicky" about their needs, but there are many more breeds that can successfully be grown by beginners.

Study the breeds of orchid mentioned above, and learn what they need to thrive and bloom in your garden or on a windowsill. These are mostly forgiving plants who will be able to bounce back if you forget some aspect of their care once or twice. Make a real effort to give them everything they need, however, and they will reward you with years of color and fragrance.

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