New Job Anxiety? You Can Beat It!

I see nursing new grads approaching the assignment board and I immediately recognize that familiar look of anxiety and fear. Their eyes remind me of deer in headlights as I watch them getting report on their patients. I know that they are listening but how much they are absorbing, well that is the real question. They are jittery and jumpy and yet I know that in the long run most of them will be fine.

It is quite normal to feel some level of anxiety when beginning a new job or a new career. Fear of the unknown, fear of doing things wrong and fear of failing can stir up a large amount of stress and quickly turn to panic if not handled appropriately. If you feel a knot in your stomach, tightness in your chest or throat, or you perspire as you drive to work worrying about what might be in store for you at your new job then you can count yourself among a large group of people suffering from new work anxiety. If this is you, don't worry you are not alone. Remember that even your managers, preceptors and mentors all had a day like the one you are about to have.

It takes time to settle into a new job and making a few mistakes as you start is quite expected. Your managers know that in most cases you don't fully know what you are doing and they expect this. In fact they expect you to ask many questions. They would rather answer your silly questions than to have you guess and create costly mistakes. If you don't ask questions they will worry.

As time goes by you will start feeling comfortable and the dread of going to work will soon dissipate. Depending on the job this process may take longer for some than others. If after a certain period of time you don't yet achieve an expected comfort level then it is time to reevaluate your career or job decision. If the feelings continue or get worse and this is the career of your choice then maybe it is anxiety you are having trouble with and not necessarily your new job.

Please know that anxiety and panic attacks usually increase or get worse over time if not addressed. Even though they may have started at work, if they are not controlled then it is highly likely they will spill into your personal life. They should be addressed with your health care provider as soon as possible. Investing in a good, natural anti-anxiety program will also help you achieve the control and satisfaction that you had hoped to find with your new job in a fast and "pill free" way. As a special bonus the effects of such a program will also benefit your personal life.

I approached the new grad group individually after they had received report. I smiled, made eye contact, and tried reassuring them with my own personal story. I admitted to them that it took me about two years of ICU nursing experience before I drove to work not worrying about what assignment I would get. And yes, I was just as terrified as they where and I had worried just as much as they did. I turned out all right and so would they. But a little help goes a long way.

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There is no reason to suffer from low self esteem because of your panic attacks. There is something you can do about it.

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