Car Maintenance

We all avoid maintenance on one pretext or the other but forget its core advantages, like low recurring expenses and optimum product utilization, especially in the case of Car Maintenance. By doing regular maintenance on our car, not only we can save money on car repair, but also enjoy more pleasant drives.

Car Maintenance is not a big technical job, and a novice with minimal car-related knowledge can also do it easily. You can initially start with tires. Tires are among the most expensive, regularly replaceable and neglected items on the car.

One must follow some basic rules for tire maintenance. The first and the foremost are checking tire tread for abnormal wear patterns. On finding any symptoms of abnormal wear in specific areas, tire alignment needs to be done to prevent further deterioration. Along with it, you must check tire pressures once a week, for longer tire life. Tire experts also suggest rotating tires and wheel balancing on every car's regular service.

The other important aspect is oil, filter change and chassis lubrication. Car experts always advice car owners to change them after every 4,000-5,000 miles or every 3-4 months, to ensure longer engine life and optimum performance.

It is also important that lights are in working condition. One must check and replace all fuse bulbs every month, to ensure your journeys at nights are smooth and trouble-free. Besides this, we also advise you to check for any fuel leaks by looking for fuel drops below the car every morning, before you start your car. Washing the car and checking the battery once a week will also help you keep your car in perfect condition. By following these small instructions, you can easily say, "Let's go for a long drive, honey!"

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