Canyoning – 9 Ways to Choose the Best Canyoning Adventure on the Net

Searching for that absolutely fantastic adventure can be quite a task if it's something new to you. You've been abseiling, spelunking, rock climbing, and bungee jumping. Then you hear about canyoning. You know what canyons are, but never really knew what kind of adventure awaits. Amazingly, it is a series of most extreme land activities set in a more adventurous setting with a twist. Canyoning is the true meaning of wet and wild. Fancy for that pure and pulsating adrenalin rush? Here are 9 ways to choose the best canyoning adventure on the net.

1. Research. Since you are already online, try to find out what canyoning is all about. You may see that it uses other outdoor adventure skills such as abseiling and rock climbing. Whether you have engaged in these activities or not, you may want to check how they are utilised when canyoning. You should also find out how long the adventure take? What are the physical requirements? Or if you need certain outdoor skills to define the level of difficulty you can participate in? These are only some of the important questions you need to keep in mind when looking into canyoning.

2. Professionalism. Canyoning is a very dangerous activity and must be done with experts. It is a huge responsibility when taking people canyoning and companies must be accredited and licensed operators. Check out how long the company has been operating and what their accreditation and licences are on their website. Do they have their own and complete equipment? Fly by night operators mostly run services with a lack of budget. They often rent or go for equipment that is not in accordance with safety standards. To be sure ask for expert advice and recommendations of competent companies. Look for passion. If you are passionate about adventure sports, then the canyoning company must share the same if not more. If a company is passionate about an outdoor activity, you can be sure that all safety standards are observed, that they are updated on training and techniques and that they have and maintain their own canyoning gear.

3. Location. If you are new to this activity, you may want to check out nearby canyoning locations. If you have more than a weekend to spare for your adventure then you can opt for farther more picturesque locations.

4. Price. Canyoning is a demanding sport for participants as well as the provider. First of all, it is not a cheap business to run. Adequate canyoning equipment is expensive, not to mention the up keep and maintenance of both canyoning gear and staff. With this in mind, an adventure comes at a fairly steep price. But that doesn't mean that you won't be able to find some discounts and added privileges on canyoning packages. Just be wary of ones that are too cheap to be true. Often some factors are compromised in cheap adventures, and mostly it concerns safety. Know the benchmark of how much a canyoning adventure really costs; from there you will know the difference between a bargain from a rip-off.

5. Canyoning consists of different levels that are adapted to a participant's physical capabilities and skill. A great canyoning adventure will offer all levels of canyoning. This will give you a choice as to what your adventure threshold can accommodate.

6. Advice and recommendations. When descriptions are just not enough to even give you the vivid idea of how wonderful canyoning is, and then all you have to do is to hear it from the experts. Not only will you discover what you have been missing, you will also have access to the best canyoning locations, providers, and techniques.

7. Group Size. How many participants are there in a group adventure? The standard group size is 3 to 5 participants. Groups that have more than 5 participants can lead to long delays on the canyoning adventure. You must remember that in beginner canyoning each participant is guided individually, having more than 5 participants in a group would mean a longer queue in certain parts of the activity such as in abseiling.

8. Canyoning entails different routes that are either completed by bushwalking, climbing, abseiling and scrambling. It is best to get an idea of the route that your canyoning adventure will take. It will give you a chance to prepare some personal items that you may need like insect repellent, spare change of clothes, any regular medication to mention a few.

9. Canyoning is undertaken in some of the most remote gorges and mountain sides. Check if your canyoning adventure will include the transfer of participants to and from the campsite, or will you have to pay for it separately? Does the campsite provide added perks such as the convenience of safe parking, locker and shower areas?

Canyoning is the absolute outdoorsman's dream adventure. It is a mixture of different extreme activities rolled into one adrenalin pumping activity that will bring you up close and personal to nature's most spectacular locations. Information is right at your fingertips, just be aware of the things you need to know and you are halfway there to the best canyoning adventure you will ever embark on.

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