5 Signs That It’s Time To Look For A New Job

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There are several reasons why office worker overstay at a company when they know it’s time to leave. For instance, it could be low confidence in oneself to find a better job or they could be comfortable at their current job. Whatever the reason to stay is, sometimes it’s so obvious that it’s time to go!

Here are five signs to look out for to warn you that it’s time to look for a new job.

They are building an overseas team and you’re training them: If your company starts to outsource work to India or China and you so happen to be selected to go over there to train the new team, chances are you are training your replacements. If this is the case, then what are you waiting for? It’s time to look for a new job, start looking today!

You are no longer invited to important meetings: If you are no longer invited to important meetings, this is a sign that you might be out of a job soon. If they are talking about a new product launch for next year and this is a meeting you normally would sit in, then I would be worried if I were you. Chances are you no longer are needed for that important project. Why wait for the axe? Leave now.

You are writing “how to” documents: When you no longer are with the company, who are they going to turn to? They are going to turn to your “how to” documents. When you work for a company that doesn’t document anything but then all of a sudden is keen on writing every single process down, red flags pop up. Consider this your warning to jump ship, now!

You have an intelligent associate: You thought you were doing the company a favor by hiring the best talent out there to help grow the business but you inadvertently shot yourself on the foot. Why is having an intelligent associate a red flag? Because that associate who is at least 8 years younger than you is more “hungry” than you to do a better job and probably gets paid 40% less. I bet your associate can do your job for less money. Start packing your bags now.

Downsizing is inevitable: Back when the economy was strong, it was OK to have 5 managers when in reality 3 managers will do. Those times are gone. Companies now are looking to downsize. You need 3 managers to do the work? I bet 2 managers can handle it. If this is the case with your company, I suggest looking for a new job now.

Finding a new job can take months, so it’s best to start early. Don’t delay!

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