10 Signs You Need a New Job

We've all had those days where we stare at the clock hoping the next time we look it will be time to go home. We justify it by saying its nice out or we have somewhere to be, but is that really the reason or is it time for a new job? Take a peak at the following ten signs. If you can agree with even one, maybe you should consider shopping around for a new job!

New Job Sign #1: Your Expenses Exceed Your Income

We have all become accustomed to living a particular lifestyle which means, we have to work in order to live. Unless you want to live to work, you may consider a job change when you can't afford that lifestyle anymore!

New Job Sign #2: Your Boss Keeps Forgetting Your Name

Oooh! This one can be painful. Let's face it, if they don't know you are there, they won't know you are gone. Put that talent to a better use and work for a company that can appreciate it!

New Job Sign #3: You Haven't Been Given a Raise in Two Years

If you are happy making the same hourly rate or salary you did when you started, you must already be a millionaire! Either that or your okay with the fact that the value of your grandfather clock increases faster than your hourly rate or salary increases!

New Job Sign #4: You Were Late for Work Twice This Week...And Just Don't Care

Not fearing being fired is the same as wishing you would get fired! Don't let that stain your resume, instead, start shopping for a new job!

New Job Sign #5: You Lie About What You Do For A Living

Ever been to a family reunion and your father-in-law asked you what you do for a living? After he just got done smoking his $500 cigar, then sitting in his $5,000 Italian Leather chair? Hard to say your supporting his daughter off of $12.50 an hour so what do you do instead? Tell him you own your own business seems to be a pretty common answer! Instead, why don't you put those qualifications to good use and start searching for a new job.

New Job Sign #6: Your Holiday Bonus Is a Can of Peanuts and A Card

If the company you work for is making millions and all you get is a can of peanuts and a card, I would consider yourself underappreciated! A different job just may land you a better boss!

New Job Sign #7: You Have a Manager's Role and An Employee's Salary

Every wonder why your manager and your manager's manager got fired? And when they got fired, your workload just happened to increase? If so, you were just part of a budget cut. Eliminate the high salary then disperse the work load amongst the ones who are left. If you are doing someone else's job, you should be getting paid for it!

New Job Sign #8: You're given Two Weeks Vacation, but Aren't Allowed to Take It

Have you every put in for vacation time but your boss says, "Are you sure this is a good time to take a vacation, we are a little overloaded on work?" That just means they don't want to hire more people and they don't want to pay you not to work. Sounds like you need a vacation, and a new job!

New Job Sign #9: Every Day is Like Groundhog Day

Ever get tired of doing the same thing day after day, week after week, year after year? I don't blame you if you do. You need to look forward to something, even if its getting out of work! It is definitely time for a new job when the days blend together and the years keep flying by.

New Job Sign #10: Your Manager Takes Credit For Your Ideas and Work

Have you ever had a brilliant idea and brought it up with your manager? Then that manager goes to their boss with a great idea that just happens to sound exactly like yours? If so, you definitely need a new job!

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