1-Stop Gardening For Beginners

Organic fruits and vegetables are higher in vitamins and minerals than conventional farm produced foods, because the soil is healthy and has more diverse and healthy living organisms and trace minerals.

There are some important pieces to the organic gardening puzzle, but at the heart of all organic growing is the need for healthy soil, which comes from fertilizing organically. The organic gardener must understand the soil of his garden in order to sustain a healthy garden. ("Be one with the dirt." "Be the Dirt!") When our body lacks essential nutrients, we will not feel strong or well, and we will possibly get sick. The same is true of plants when they are deprived of the proper nutrition. A plant gains it's strength and nutritional edge from the soil in which it is fed. When your plants don't get the proper nutrition from the soil, you, the gardener, will not get nutritious food from your garden.

Building a nutrient rich organic soil is best done by amending the soil organically and naturally. Organic gardeners do not rely on chemicals as the commercial farmers do. Commercial growers usually depend upon chemical additives to give the plants what they need to grow. Although these chemicals produce more edible product, the product is not as healthy as the produce from naturally fertilized plants. Chemical additives are a source of environmental waste. They also leave chemical residues in your food, and these "toxins" tend to build up in your body leading to undesirable health problems. Adding these unnatural chemicals to your garden over and over will impair your vegetables and keep them from receiving the healthy nutrients they need to protect themselves from insect attacks and resist plant disease.

Healthy soil nurtures healthy plants which grow better, taste better, store longer and have increased resistance to the stresses caused by heat, cold, drought, pests, diseases, rapid growth, etc. Fertile soil is not only the first step for increasing yields and quality but also for natural pest control and season extending.

There is so much to know about organic gardening. It is worth the time and effort to find out how to create a healthy environment for your organic garden.

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