You Can Be Happy at Work

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Even in this “doing-more-with-less” pattern of organizational operations, you can be happy at work. Out of financial necessity, most people have to work; there is no choice. However, you do have a choice about the specific job, industry and organization you seek for your place of employment. Happiness is a choice too. You can choose to be happy or miserable. Which would you prefer?

To make your life and work happier, you first need to make yourself happy. To make yourself happy, you need courage, assertiveness and passion. You can find the happiness that has been suppressed. Sometimes, you end up settling for whatever comes your way. You go with the way things are instead of pursuing what could be better. You lose your courage, assertiveness and passion.

Your happiness potential is like the sugar that has settled at the bottom of your glass of lemonade. It’s inside the glass; it’s inside you. It’s there for you when you can’t take life anymore and when you’re ready to make a change. But it can become stuck. Stir it up! It’s holding in your courage, assertiveness and passion–necessary sweeteners. Stir them up to taste the sweetness of life and work. You need to act with courage, communicate with assertiveness, find your passion, and make your life sweeter. Imagine how weak, sour, and bitter your life would be without any sugar. Just as lemonade needs sugar, you need courage, assertiveness, and passion to reach your happiness potential.

How to Be Happy at Work

• Choose to be happy.
• Reprogram your negative thoughts and responses to people and situations with positive programming.
• Find at least one job-related task you enjoy doing. Do it each day at work.
• Find a personal interest or hobby that brings you fun and happiness. Do it daily or weekly.
• Learn something new to ignite and open your mind.
• Stay away from gossip and negativity.
• Make only the commitments you can keep.
• Be approachable, kind and pleasant to be around.
• Ask for feedback, listen with an open-mind and make the appropriate changes.
• If you have consistently tried to get happy at work and are still not happy, it’s time to find another job.

You are the only person responsible for your happiness. No one else can do this for you. Life is short. It’s never too late to get happy!

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