What Are Some Potentially Intriguing Concepts for a Futuristic Tech Think Tank to Think About?

Not long ago, I was speaking with an acquaintance about the need to "think outside the box" you know, that old proverbial quote and wisdom. In any case, just the other day I was reminded by this by another gentleman who asked what sorts of future tech topics should think tanks, and master mind techy groups be considering? Okay, good question, and any time such folks get together they really needs so way-out almost Sci Fi quality ideas and concepts to consider. Now then, let me take a stab a 20 or so innovative future concepts for you to consider.

Let your mind go, and try to reason a solution to any of these 20-problems and when you are completed you will have certainly given your mind a mental workout worthy of its overall capacity. Below are what I came up with in 5-minutes think on exactly want high-tech things we need to bring forth in the next few decades.

1.) What design would you use to allow morphing inner gears on a transmission to self-adjust to increase the efficiency by 10-fold or more?
2.) How would you design a self-adjusting aircraft wing, changing the chamber for cruise, and take-off?
3.) How would you re-design a nut and bolt concept that a human hand could tighten without tools, but would still be safe and strong once tightened?
4.) How would you stop terrorists with 3D printers from making guns, weapons, or cutting C-4 into everyday objects to carry in broad daylight without detection?
5.) How would you design a security algorithm schematic to look for anomalies in data for both capturing evil, but also rewarding standouts - without allowing corrupt humans from misusing that same information?
6.) How would you design an underground space colony on Mars or the Moon, or under an ocean of methane or water?
7.) How would you protect computers in the future age of quantum computing?
8.) How would you design the next wave or social networking sites which operated in real time and allowed people to ask questions of experts in the field, only it wouldn't really be a person, but rather a computer that had read everything, listened to every lecture, and watched ever video they'd ever produced. Next how would you design a holographic avatar in virtual reality as the assistant to increase one-on-one style advanced learning for anyone, anywhere, at any time?
9.) How would you design a translation device to talk with dolphins?
10.) How would you create a biological hack to allow a person at age 50-60 return to youthful vigor for a second round, and increase lifespan to 600 years?
11.) How would you set up a space colony, space ship which used fuel, but had a drag tail to collect the pollution elements or molecules from the exhaust to reuse in the space colony, which would use up resources and the trash or waste would be made back into the fuel to use again?
12.) How would you create a hypersonic vehicle which slipped in and out of the atmosphere in a virtual temporary vacuum tube, what type of technology would you use for this?
13.) How would you use new carbon nano-tube made infrastructure to hold back the ocean water, or create an underwater dome?
14.) How would you invert gravity to allow for large space going ships the size of aircraft carriers to float into the sky and out of Earth's gravity dwell, without causing severe weather anomalies and super storms?
15.) How would you go about killing a Typhoon, Cyclone, or Tornado?
16.) How would you deflect Earthquake waves?
17.) How would you build a molecular assimilator?
18.) How would you collect CO2 from smokestacks to power up CO2 lasers to run electric generation turbines, or collect the CO2 to use in nanotech graphene and nanotube construction uses?
19.) How would you create a laser cutter to cut instant messages in clouds for all to see as a warning in an emergency?
20.) How would you send RNA, DNA, or the building blocks of life, on light waves?

Okay so, if you are like me, just reading that list makes you think doesn't it? Well, what say you, have any mental brainstorm solutions for any of these, or perhaps you have some equally intriguing questions of your own, if so, get working on it, because the world can't wait forever you know.

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