Training Two Dogs at the Same Time

If you have been trying to train multiple pets at the same time, please make sure that you are not doing it in the wrong manner. I am not talking about the training methods for each command, but the training method for each pet.

Pet training, while not hard by itself, can become quite frustrating to an owner who has multiple pets. Dogs are creatures of habit, and they will tend to do those habits which they consider to be beneficial to them. In the case of a multiple dog household, these dogs will tend to play with each other.

When you have more then one pet, you simply cannot train them together properly when you are A)alone or B) working with them both at the same exact time.

With some commands, such as sit, they may both sit, but they are not being given one person's full attention. If you must train your pets at the same time, then try to get a training partner that can manage one pet while you work with the other.

In the event you cannot get a partner, then leave one pet in the house or crate them. But be prepared for some possible whining. Two pets that spend all day together might feel some separation anxiety. Get over it, this will pass, and you're not hurting them. You may even decide to go to a location further away so that your pet cannot hear the whining. You want to cut down on as many distractions as you possibly can. When you have your pet alone, you can work with your pet's full attention.

Make sure that you spend time with each pet for their own specific training regimen. Let them play as a reward for a training session well done.

By all means play with both your pet at the same time if you want. But you will need to take your pets out by themselves and dedicate time for individual training sessions. You will notice that your pets get better much faster, and with less aggravation. As they get progressively better you will be able to work them at the same time.

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