Top Scenic Drive Locations

We have listed the top scenic drive locations that you can find from North America. If you love to drive around in long distances and see the beauty of nature, these places are perfect for you to check out. They are all lined with a magnificent scenic nature and many more. Here is the list of the scenic drive places in North America:

· New Hampshire Route 112, Kancamagus Highway
This is an east to west scenic drive location that goes through the White Mountains National Forest. It is about 34 miles long from start to finish and is one of the most favorite routes for people who love to have adventure with their drives. There are some curves and switchbacks along the way, but it's what makes the whole trip very adventurous. There are so many scenic wonders to see along the 34 miles drive from Lincoln to Conway, New Hampshire.

· Dalton Highway 11
This route begins from Fairbanks Alaska to the Arctic Ocean. Along your journey, you will be seeing lots of reasons to stop over. It can be a little muddy here during the spring season, and you need to bring the right equipments. You will enjoy lots of beautiful areas here that will make your whole trip wonderful.

· U.S. 50
This is one of the top scenic drive locations that begin from Ely to Carson City in Nevada. It is a very popular route that most people love to spend scenic drives. There are also several historical towns that you can visit while you are in the route. Each of the routes may want you to keep on driving and see what is there left to see.

· U.S. 1 Florida Keys Overseas Highway
This route will make you start from Key Largo, Florida all the way to Key West. There are lots of tourists attractions you can find along the road and you can enjoy fishing, snorkeling, or even just enjoy the relaxing beaches. It is a good scenic drive to try out around summer time so you will have good weather to do such sports.

· Yellow Head Highway 16
This route stretches through the northern prairies through the Canadian Rockies. The entire ride will take you to such range of beautiful nature scenes. The drive from Winnipeg to Mount Robson, British Columbia is one of the best spots to drive through.

· Vermont Route 100
This is known to be the "driver's paradise". The route from Stamford to Newport in Vermont surrounds such beauty of the Green Mountain National Forest. It is best for people from the city and wants to experience a country and shabby route drive experience. There are lots of nature wonders you can see from here that will make you come back for more.

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