Tech Essentials For Your Home Business

You have your excellent idea, a well written business plan and the drive and desire to make your home business - whatever it may be - work well. In the 21st century there are some basic "tech" essentials that you need to invest in to make the most of all your attributes and really make your home based venture a success. Here are some of them:

Laptop Computer - You have your desktop computer for everyday use but what about keeping in touch and productive on the road? Or taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day by taking your work out of your home office onto the deck or to the local park (or beach even.) To be most useful your laptop should be able to do almost everything that your desktop can as well as be easy to carry around. Laptops, like most technologies have dropped in price over the last few years but take the time to shop around a little before you buy.

A Good Office Suite - Every business needs a good office suite software. Microsoft Office is of course the most popular and the one that comes immediately to mind for most people. 2010 saw the advent of a free version of the famous productivity tool offered online, a savings of several hundred dollars for the startup business owner.

If you prefer to go open source Open Office is another free option and documents and presentations can be saved in formats that are compatible with most other office suites.

Accounting Software - Keeping track of your home businesses finances is of course a must. You do not have to spend a fortune on accounting software though. The average home business owner should find QuickBooks Simple Start or Microsoft Office Accounting Express have just the right amount of features to handle their basic bookkeeping needs.

VoIP - Businesses of all different sizes are beginning to embrace VoIP technologies like Skype as a far more cost effective way to handle business phone communication. Such services are a great option for home businesses that work internationally (freelance writers especially.)

Good Portable Data Storage - For many home businesses a loss of the data on their main computers would essentially cripple their business, so an efficient way to make sure all that crucial information is safely stored elsewhere is essential. Making the larger investment in a good portable hard drive is probably a better idea than maintaining multiple smaller flash drives that can be easily misplaced.

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