Poverty Makes a Man Either Shameless or Frantic

Early morning he walked up with an usual routine. He went to the fields to bring feed for the animals he kept in his house which were the only source of income for him. He had three daughters and two sons. The elder daughter got married four months back and was married with a great dowry. As her father was poor who couldn't get him that expensive dowry an uncle of her helped them to set value of luxury so that she gets so called respect in her "in laws". When he came back home he saw her wife was looking worried. Tears were flowing from her eyes. He asked her for the reason on which her wife kept unsung for some time.
He was also a heart patient. He insisted her on which she replied that the uncle has asked for all that money which he invested on her daughter's wedding. At first he was shocked. He was conscious about his respect which was the only thing he had. As the rumors spread people started asking him for the matter. He was asked by someone to be aware of his capacity on her daughter's wedding but he couldn't take control of it as he was happy on her daughter's delight. But know the situation was something else. He had to return the money in any case. He was a poor farmer and had some of the land which was source of income for his family. To defend his self-respect he sold that land and some how returned the money to that man. From that day I've seen that man scattered and never talks much. By the sake of Almighty know he is free of any loan.
After that incident the time went own that uncle who had two sons who live abroad don't even have such time to take a look after father who sick for last couple of years. He is on the bed for last such a time there is nobody to look after him the only thing that is with him is his useless money which cannot fulfill the needs of his owns.
Its a fact that one finds joy and delight in money is always on the wrong end. If you think you have money and you are successful that sorry to say that you are wrong. The only thing that lasts even after your death is betterment which you made in society.

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