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Is your office working for or against you? Does your mess prevent you from getting your work done? This article is designed to provide you with some useful information on how office organization can increase your productivity at work. Specifics may vary from person to person; however, the following information includes helpful and important guidelines from which everyone can benefit.

Many people don’t realize the impact of a disorganized office. Think about it. When your office is a mess, you really don’t get a lot of work done. A disorganized office can cause a lot of frustration, and when you’re frustrated, the last thing you want to do is focus on whatever project you’re working on. You end up forcing yourself to work because your project is due in 2 hours and the end result is usually poor quality. The next day, you have to start over and you’re even more frustrated – and that lost productivity can mean staying late at work. The fact of the matter is that a messy office makes it extremely difficult to maintain a highly productive environment.

Some of us have stacks of papers and files, others have knick-knacks, toys, photographs – you name it! That stuff that’s making your office look like a tornado just came through needs to have its own place. Whether that place is up on a shelf, in a desktop organizer or in the trash, you need to be able to actually use your desk for its true purpose – work!!!

Office organization is extremely important if you want to increase your productivity at work. It can be difficult to keep up with your project if everything is piled on top of your desk – especially if those piles are unmanageable. One way to avoid becoming disorganized is to file your documents immediately so that you don’t lose them or let them stack up. You can also use the tops of filing cabinets to store things like binders and catalogs so they don’t take up any room on your desk. Shelves are another great place for storing items that shouldn’t be on your desk – like phone books, knick-knacks, magazines, family photos, CDs, books, etc.

Maybe one of the most difficult things that happen on a frequent basis is when you leave your desk. It only takes a few minutes to come back and find a stack of papers (left by your boss and co-workers) on your chair. This can be extremely frustrating as it was unexpected (or maybe not) and your time is already short. Instead of tossing those papers to the side, find a drop spot. Perhaps a basket designed to hang on your wall or some other kind of receptacle (like an inbox) to temporarily drop memos, notes and other small papers. Keep those kinds of easy-to-lose documents off your desk until you have time to look at them.

Office organizers, such as file sorters with different compartments, and plastic bins that can hold almost anything, are ideal for storing a wide array of office materials that might instead accumulate on your desk. Use these accessories for things such as folders, letters, and documents.

Make office organization a priority so that you can increase your productivity, decrease your frustration and get your projects done on time!

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