Network Marketing – Building Your Business Online

Network marketing is a very exciting business to build. With the internet it is really easier than ever before. However the same concepts that have always made multilevel marketing a great business to build still apply even when you are building online.

What do I mean by the "concepts"?

Network marketing is a relationship business. Have you ever heard that? It is a very true statement. Even when you are building online it is still a relationship business. So you really need to keep that in mind if you decide to build your business online.

When building your business online how do you develop relationships? Let us begin by laying out a basic formula you need to follow to build your business successfully. The operative word there is YOUR business.

Step one is you need to understand that you must build YOUR business and that means "Branding Yourself", in other words not build your companies business, build YOUR business. That means building your own list then developing a relationship with that list.

You must posture yourself as the leader in YOUR business. You can do this by using an auto responder and creating a list of subscribers. You need to communicate often with your subscribers and that is easy to do with the use of an auto responder. Offer things of value to your subscribers. Things like tools, training and information that will help them grow in their understanding of the industry.

If you are very new to network marketing it is very important that you educate yourself as much as possible and as quickly as possible. If you do not continue educating yourself about the business you will find it hard to offer anything of value to the people that choose to follow you in the business.

Where do you find this education? Online you will find a tremendous amount of information about any subject you can imagine, especially network marketing. Contrary to what many of the so called "Gurus" online will tell you, your up line is also a very good source of information about your specific business. Always remember that nobody has a more vested interest in your success than your sponsor and your up line.

I have found people online trying to sell their specific course on how to build a business online telling people that they should not listen to their sponsor and their up line, even things like "your up line is lying to you"... say what? That is so misleading and really such a shame. It really does not take a brain surgeon to understand that there is nobody that has a greater interest in your success than your sponsor and your up line.

So my best advice when you are looking for an education about the industry and how to build online is this: take what you find helpful and leave the rest. Realize that many people that offer training on "how to build your business online" are primarily trying to sell their course and put money in their pocket. Some of the information and advice they offer is good and useful and some of it is nothing more than a sales pitch designed to extract money from your pocket and put it in theirs.

I know that sounds like I am contradicting myself a little. So let me try and clarify that a bit. There are some really good network marketing trainers out there offering courses on the subject, there are also many people that have never had any real success in the industry and they just become self proclaimed "experts" or "gurus". Do a little research before investing money into the educational programs you may be looking at.

I usually hesitate to recommend any specific people for this kind of training because we all learn differently and what some people may find very useful others may find a waste of time. At the same time I think if I did not at least offer one person I have personally learned much from it would be like a big tease and I really do not want to just tease you, I really want to help you succeed with your business. So I will offer a couple of suggestions. People that I have personally learned much from and trainers that offer unbiased training, in other words it is not geared

toward any specific company or generic so to speak. And people that have earned a very good reputation in the industry over the years.

In no particular order is Dani Johnson and the other is Mike Dillard. Again I recommend do your own research and due diligence before deciding where to invest your money for this kind of training.

The bottom line is become a student of the industry. If you plan to build your business online, build your own list of subscribers; offer something of value to your list and build a relationship with those people. Never forget the basics of this industry and you can have great success with your online business and network marketing.

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