How To Use Twitter To Help Build Your Business

In this article I will outline the appropriate ways of using Twitter to get more leads and to build your business faster than ever before. I will also tell what to absolutely avoid doing when trying to build your business using Twitter. Most people trying to use Twitter to build their business are using it inappropriately, and are not using it as the social platform it is intended to be.

The objective of Twitter, and the way to use it appropriately, is NOT to essentially spam people with your business and your business opportunity. The core of what Twitter is all about is to be a text-based media platform for sharing information and engaging other people from all over the world.

The big key to using Twitter to build your business is not just to have people follow you, but to get people who are actively involved on Twitter to read you and follow your posts because they are interested in YOU. It makes no sense to pay to get people to follow you if they have absolutely no interest in you and what you have to talk about.

To build up a list of followers who genuinely have an interest in you, you need to use Twitter the right way. Here are two ways you can immediately use Twitter to start generating more leads quickly and build your business:

Effective Twitter Business Building Method #1: Find other Twitter users who are in your same niche market. Communicate and engage them. Don't "spam" them by talking about how you have 'the greatest opportunity in the world.' That is not a productive way of getting people to follow you. Instead, share insightful posts with meaningful content about yourself and what you're doing. Act on Twitter as though you're at a big company cocktail party at which you're just mingling amongst thousands of friends and acquaintances.

Effective Twitter Business Building Method #2: The other way to use Twitter to build your business is to use Twitter's search feed (at Go there and do a search for the niche market that you're in. For example, if one of the benefits you can provide is in the area of weight loss, then do a search for weight loss. Then become part of the conversation people are having on some of the pages you find. When you provide meaningful content that genuinely helps people, you will will build a list of people who will not only follow you but, more importantly, will actually be interested in reading what you write and clicking on links you give them.

In summary, these are two very effective ways to incorporate Twitter into your marketing system and to use Twitter to help build your business. Remember to use it as the tool it was designed to be, i.e., a way to communicate, engage and share relevant information with others. It was not intended to be a way to blatantly promote your business opportunity. People don't want to hear that.

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