How to Find Happiness at Work – Improve Your Whole Life

Happiness as they say is a state of mind. Do you feel that the glass is half full or half empty? We should try and live in the moment and not think too much about tomorrow and put as much into the day as you can. Find your happiness, work out what makes you smile. It may be something as simple as watching the sun setting on a beautiful day so try to get some of that happiness back especially in your working life. Have you thought about giving yourself the same attention as you would someone you like? Be kind to yourself and listen to your inner-voice which guides you. Don't go against your instincts as they always serve you well. Make sure you have a couple of good friends at work, people you can confide in and talk to when you feel a bit down, people to share your happiness with when something great happens too.

Try to create moments of happiness at work and at lunchtime, go take some time out and do what makes you happy. Go to your favourite coffee shop or do some window-shopping, anything that makes you feel uplifted. Try to live in the moment whenever you can and try reading books on positive thinking, they really do work! Every time you have a sad thought come into your head, remove it and put a happy one there instead and after a while you will start to do this naturally. You are the only one who can give yourself happiness, you cannot rely on anyone else. Hang around happy people, smile more at people and they will smile back.

Gradually decide to become a more cheerful person and you will attract the same back. Expect happy things and you will find them. Keep a journal and every day write down something that you have achieved at work and what made you happy that day at work. Try to do this every day. Pay more attention to the good things that are happening around you and don't concentrate on the negative ones. Maybe you think that more money will buy your happiness and to a point it probably will, but what happens when the money runs out, you will be back to your old self again! There are poor people who are happy and millionaires who aren't. Be thankful that you have a job when there are lots of others that don't. Be grateful for all the small blessings in life and try to be a bit more impulsive.

Have you noticed how much better you feel when the sun is shining and everyone around you seems to be in a better mood. The person who loves their job never feels that they are working. Practise being happy at work and you will notice that more people gravitate towards you. When you are happy your immune system is also stronger and you have fewer medical problems and happy people tend to live longer. Remember the saying 'smile and the whole world smiles with you'.

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