How to Be Happy at Work – Some Small Things That Can Help You Stay Happy in the Workplace

The workplace is one place that you spent most of your time everyday and of course, it matters a lot if you are happy at work. If not, you'll end up tired and drained each day. If you want to spend each day happy and fulfilled, here are some tips on how to be happy at work.

1. Start with making yourself organized at work. Clutter brings in more stress and disorganization in your work and that can contribute to being unproductive, unfulfilled and less happy. Start with your office space or your desk. Organize your schedules, have a planner, use post-its and reminders, organize your tools at work - whatever it is that is applicable to you, it pays to be clean and organize in your workspace.

2. Be with positive people in the workplace. It is sometimes unavoidable to see some negative people at work, people who get into your nerves, pessimistic workmates, whiners, and those who just love to meddle into the affairs of others. If you choose to go with them, you will eventually become one of them, so try to be with positive ones. If you can't avoid the negative co-workers, at least, condition your mind on how to react positively and deal with them nicely. After all, being happy is your own choice. You can be happy if you choose to.

3. Throw in some fun in the workplace. You can add a little humor with your emails or add cartoon sketches with your fax that can make your colleagues smile... little things like this can help lighten up the mood in the workplace. Instead of talking behind other's backs, you can also try to lighten up lunch times by talking about some funny things and thoughts - but of course, don't laugh at your co-workers.

4. Manage your time and your work. If you think you have been working long hours routinely and there seemed to be no time for you to think about anything aside from work, then you might want to manage your time well. One of the important tips on how to be happy at work is to be able to do your work effectively and on time. Mismanagement of your time will surely put you in stressful situations at work. If the reason is that, you have too much to do than what you can take, then learn to delegate or ask for extension of deadlines - but you have to prioritize your work above all.

5. Reward yourself. If you want to learn how to be happy at work, you have to also give yourself a break and find ways to reward yourself sometimes. Have a makeover, go shopping, enjoy a night out with friends and colleagues, or take a yoga class - enjoying activities like this as part of your week can help you break the monotony and help you get rid of stress at work.

Indeed, you can learn ways on how to be happy at work. Keep in mind that you may not be able to change the some situations at work, nor the attitude of your co-workers, but you can choose to be happy despite that, by simply choosing to be happy - and that means changing how you deal with all these.

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