High-Tech Travel Mugs

In the contemporary world where everyone is almost obsessed with high-tech gadgets and paraphernalia, owning such products is a testament that one keeps up with the latest in-thing. It may be the next minuscule-size laptop, or the latest cell phone with functions even most of us do not understand; but to own such an item is considered a must nowadays.

With new-fangled laptops, cell phones, and desktops being introduced to the market almost every few months, the modern era is almost fanatical with technology. In as little as a decade, we have witnessed the expansion and advancement of technology; products become of much better quality, more energy saving and of course, they just keep getting smaller and smaller.

Because of the factors mentioned, the public's desire for the top-of-the-line technology has become voracious. This high-tech faction has hit us like a tidal wave, and every industry wants a slice of the pie, so to speak. Many items are now associated with environmental friendliness and no longer costly. The idea here is to make technology available for everyone and not just the elite. There is a vast array of products which have been technologically enhanced in the past few years. One of them is the epochal travel mug.

Travel mugs of yester-years, which leaked, dripped, deemed too fragile are now a thing of the past. Contemporary mugs have really come into their own. The most prominent advances in travel mug technology is actually from their insulation capabilities. Previously, travel mugs were made of plastic and, and make no mistake, the plastic mostly was of good quality. But later, it was discovered that stainless steel was a much better option, as it insulates much more efficient than plastic, and looks much more streamlined. More and more mugs have double stainless steel insulation, which have the capabilities to maintain the temperatures of choice beverages.

Since the first travel mug was inducted in 1904, thermos innovation has brought us to the latest, most in demand and freshest products. Consistent technological progress and innovative product manufacturing has made insulated mugs the industry giant for almost a 100 years.

An example would be the Thermos Work Series Travel Mug 3910 which features double wall foam insulation specifically to maintain and sustain piping hot or icy cold drinks, a stainless steel exterior which is literally unbreakable, and an interior which is a breeze to clean. Can fit into almost any car cup holder, has a comfortable rubberized handle for easy grip, non-slip and a base which is scratch resistant, dent- proof and the best; this travel mug can contain a 20 ounce capacity of liquids, more than enough for that long trip ahead.

Companies like Timolino (founded in 1904) have constantly dedicated themselves to make better drink ware, and is devoted to alleviate people's lives all over the world. Timolino's HVAC Vacuum Insulation features state-of-the-art vacuum chamber technology which emanates a constant 'high vacuum' for greater temperature maintenance. Timolino's mugs are also very light and aesthetically pleasing. The exterior plane of the liner is layered with copper utilizing their unique electrolysis progression.

Travel mug advanced technology is not only making our lives better, but very soon in the future, we will see almost everyone, from adults to children carrying one of these indispensable everyday items.

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