Explore America’s Most Dangerous Roads

Some roads are more prone to accidents; these may include two-lane rural roads, uneven roads and those who attract fast drivers and those that are not equipped to deal with many of today's big trucks and SUV's. Let's take a look at some of the most dangerous roads in America.

The drive back home from Vegas can be quite dangerous, especially on the I-15. This road is often driven by California residents who visit Vegas. Since the drive home can be a bit long and monotonous, drivers have a tendency to put the pedal to the metal on this section of the route home. Over 466 fatalities on this road have occurred on the I-15 in the past 14 years. A large number of accidents also involve drivers who are not utilizing their seatbelts. Caltrans just added one lane to the I-15 at Mountain Pass in order to minimize the risk of accidents.

The I-95 in New York is very dangerous, partly because it tends to be super congested and busy all day long. The freeway is also a bit on the older and neglected side and in need of some renovation. It is very similar to the 101 to 405 fwy interchange in Los Angeles in terms of traffic density.

The Colorado 550 is very dangerous, especially during the winter time and is not recommended for drivers who are not familiar with driving through snow storms and high altitudes. It's known to be a very scenic and gorgeous drive to the amazing views but also quite deadly. In addition there is also lots of wildlife so drivers have to deal with animals running across the road in addition to the steep curves.

Next we have the 101 to the 405 freeway interchange in Los Angeles, CA. The reason why this stretch of freeway is considered so dangerous is because it is one of the busiest roads in the nation. It's dangerous but not the most dangerous freeway because traffic tends to travel so slow that it's almost impossible to get into a serious accident.

California State Route 17 is considered one of the most dangerous freeways in the nation; it travels through the Santa Cruz mountains and passes through Santa Clara. In addition to wildlife, which may cross the road intermittently, drivers have to deal with lots of blind curves and narrow shoulders. One section of the road is known as the Big Moody Curve because it follows an 180 degree turn followed by another one at 90 degrees.

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