Dog Games – Top 5 Games That Will Tire Your Dog Out

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Playing dog games with your canine pet provides your beloved with his much needed physical and mental stimulation. This also gives you the benefit of reinforcing his obedience training in a fun way as you establish a deeper relationship with him.

However, not every dog is thrilled with playing ordinary fetch all the time especially if he is very intelligent. Many dog breeders, vets, and trainers agree that the best dog games are those that provide exercise and challenge accompanied with positive reinforcement by giving the animal a reward for accomplishing what you want.

FETCH When you’re dog has become tired of the basic throw-a-stick-give-it-back-to-me fetch he will refuse to play. To solve this problem, think out of the box and vary how you play the game with your dog.

Instead of using a stick, use a ball or his favorite toy then climb up the stairs. Throw the ball or toy gently then tell your dog to fetch the item.

This game is perfect for those winter or rainy days when you can’t take him out of the house. Be sure though that you’re dog already knows how to go up and down stairs.

BACKYARD TUNNELING Dogs love obstacle courses so this a game Fido will surely love. Not only is this a good mental exercise for him this game will also improve his agility.

You can set up tunnel in your backyard and coax your dog with his favorite treat to go through the tunnel. You can run along at the side of the tunnel or opt to wait at the other end just to convince Fido to follow you.

You can gradually add more obstacles to make it more fun. Although pre-made equipment is helpful, if you are creative enough I’m sure you can create a homemade backyard tunnel and obstacles at minimal cost.

HIDE AND SEEK This third in our list of dog games will give him a chance to put to use his scenting abilities as well as provide him with mental stimulation. You can opt to hide yourself or you can get one of his toys or a special toy just for this game and hide it at any safe place around your property.

Start easy then gradually make it more complicated for him to find hidden toys. This game is a great way to teach Fido how to find other objects as well.

FRISBEE CATCHING A modified form of the Fetch game this is a great way to teach Fido agility. Beware, this is an intensely physical game that is not recommended for old dogs.

To do this throw a Frisbee nearby until he learns that he must return the Frisbee to you. Gradually throw the thing farther and farther until he learns how to catch it.

The nice thing about this is you can opt to join Frisbee competitions with Fido if he gets really really good at this game.

SWIMMING The last in this list dog games is beneficial to his entire body not just his muscles. If you love swimming and there is someplace that you both can do this, why not swim with your dog?

Dog games not only allow you train your dog to do stuff this also helps to create a disciplined dog provided that whenever your dog does something good you use positive reinforcement and give him a reward. It’s also important that you make the rules and not the other way around, one way to establish this is to stop the game while the dog is still excited and not when he is already bored.

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