Dog Games – Entertaining Your Dog

Dog Games - Raising a Healthy Dog

Dogs enjoying playing, an active dog mind makes for a happy dog. So what can you do to stimulate your dogs mind? You can give them a toy such as a kong ball (or something similar) where they have try to figure out how to get the treat out of it. You can give them a squeaky toy which will keep them interested as they try to kill the squeak. Most of all, dogs like playing games with their owners as it is a chance for them to please you and show you how smart they are and make you proud!

The following are some games that you dog may enjoy.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a chance for you to teach your dog their down, wait and the come command. First you want to get them in a down stance then tell them to wait. When they wait go find somewhere to hide then call for them with the come command. Be sure to reward your dog when they find you (the will more than likely find you!)

Find the toy

Get an object or toy and wipe your sent on it. Let the dog sniff it. As they sniff it tell them what the object is. Then get them to sit and wait. Go hide the object then go back to your dog who should till be in their wait stance then tell them, [dog name] where's the [object name]. Follow your dog as they track the scent and find the object. Reward them when they do well and offer constant encouragement as they hunt, especially as they get close to the object.

Catch the ball

This is a fun game for your dog and teaches them good co-ordination. Get a ball and simply throw it in the air and say [dog name] catch! At first they may just look at you with one of those 'you're stupid' looks! If they don't go for it make it impossible for them not to catch by throwing it just in front of their noses, even better if it hits them on the nose (if your dog is a timid dog either use a sponge ball or don't let it hit them on the nose!) Eventually the dog will get the idea. When the do catch it praise them so that they know they have done well and before long they will be catching the ball no matter how high you throw it.

If your dog still doesn't get it try get them to take it from you. When they do praise them and let them do it again. Once they do it consistently start throwing it in the air slightly and praise them when they try to catch it whether they do or not and when the do catch it let them know they have done really well!

Agility Course

Dogs love running around and jumping on and over things. If your dog is showing natural signs of these kinds of things you might want to take them to an agility course and you will be amazed at the transformation in them. This game will involve you setting up a mini course for your dog. Use whatever you have a round the home building things to jump over, crawl under, walk through and run around. Then take your dog through the course showing them how to do everything. Then take them through the course and let them do it for themselves and watch their minds tick over as they try to figure out what you want them to do!

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