Do You Know That Happiness at Work Can Increase Productivity?

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Brief explanation of happiness with an example

Let us assume that driving a car of choice makes a person happy. Here, analyze a small point of what is making the person be happy when driving the car? In this case, the person has decided that he can happy if they drive a car of their choice. On the contrary, if the person decides driving is not their cup of coffee, then no matter how luxurious the car is, they cannot be happy driving it. So, happiness is a choice which we select by accomplishing a certain task. So, once it’s identified what is making us happy and take necessary action in achieving the same, we will be always happy.

Definition of happiness at work

Identifying what makes us happy at work and taking proper measures to meet the same with an action plan. It is advisable to revise the company policies and rules while designing the action plan.


We never get tired when we do the work which we like. So, the best way of doing any work is to do with interest and not working hard.

Happiness at work

We can have a number of events which could make us happy at work and its our primary duty to find those events precisely. It could be as small as selecting a desktop screen color of our choice or requesting the manager to assign a task of our choice.

Following are a few examples at work, which could make us happy

1. Setting up the personal desk as per our choice

2. Brainstorming with colleagues to find out productive ways of doing the same routine task in a different perspective

3. Requesting the manager to assign multi tasking

4. Pro actively suggesting or recommending any small changes such as casual wear on every Friday or informal work related get together on a specific day of a week etc

5. Submitting an article or presenting a small seminar or just an email which details our ability on the subject and making it available to everyone. This is a simple and easy way of knowledge exchange

Management role in happiness at work

1. Management should work beforehand and come up with simple tips which can motivates the happiness of employee at work

2. Culture of supporting individual’s opinions and ideas at all levels of employment has to be encouraged

3. Management should make every attempt in creating an ambient atmosphere where the employee suggestions are given a sincere consideration

Happiness can improve productivity at work in the following ways

1. When it’s identified what is making us happy, all the attempts will be towards accomplishing those tasks. When we get what we want, obviously, the we work on what we like and hence the productivity increases

2. According to a survey, nearly 80% say they like holidays as then could be free and no need to work during holidays. It’s quite unfortunate with this kind of attitude as those majorities of people are working under the impression that work cannot be enjoyed. Instead, if they shift their focus on what can make them happy at work, it’s nothing less than any transformation

3. Working with a feel of happiness is 10 times more productive than working without the feel of happiness. In the second case, the main ingredient of working with happiness is missing in the second case and hence less productive.

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