Building Your Business Through Networking

One of the most effective ways to to build your business is through the power of networking. As a business owner it makes sense create relationships with other business owners in your area and also in your area of expertise. The more you can help other people build their businesses the more they will want to help you.

Here are some top tips to build your business through networking

1.Your Suppliers

One of the most overlooked areas in networking is your suppliers. All too often we focus on getting the best price and service from our suppliers yet we overlook the fact they probably supply to our target market. Make a point at your next supplier meeting to explore how you could help each other find more customers. This can be a powerful method of building your business through networking and costs next to nothing in terms of time and money.

2.Local Business Breakfast Meetings

If you do a Google search for business breakfast meetings in your area you should find a good supply. These tend to start around 7am and allow you to network with fellow business owners before the start of the normal working day. Before committing to join one make sure you visit all the meetings in your area at least once. You will get a feel for which format and group of people suits your business best.

The key to making breakfast meetings work for you is building relationships and teaching your fellow members about your business. Once you achieve this you will have 20-40 ambassadors building your business using the power of networking form each meeting you attend.

3.Local Chamber of Commerce

Your local chamber of commerce should be a good source of information to help with your networking activities. The reason I put this as third behind suppliers and breakfast meetings is not all chambers are the same. Ask your fellow business owners and suppliers how they find the chamber works for their business. I have found some chambers are very proactive and should be joined as soon as possible, sadly I have also found others to more focussed on corporate members.

4.Local Business Links

As part of any strategy to build your business through networking, making good contacts with your local business links is vital. They are a great source of knowledge in terms of business grants and free training. They also are a great source of knowledge to find the best business networking events in your area.

Building your business through networking is something that must be worked on consistently. Like any marketing effort the results you achieve will be directly proportionate to the effort you put into it. Over time the rewards easily outstrip the effort as you build ambassadors for your business.

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