Build Your Business Like You Would A House – Start With A Plan And Finish With A Home

Years ago when I was in college, I was always in need for a little extra cash. I had a buddy back home was a homebuilder and could always use a little extra help on the side. On some of the weekends and when I had time off I would travel home and do work on some of the homes he was building. The work was a great learning experience, and the pay wasn't all that bad. It gave me the opportunity to learn about the building process and construction of a home from start to finish. Now that I've started my own business, it's easy to see the direct correlation between the building process I learned in the past and the business I've started today.

When building a home you always need to start with a plan. That plan is always drawn out on a set of blueprints. They tell you where things go in order to make the home structurally sound. Not following the blueprints will more than likely lead to trouble down the road. The same holds true for starting a business. If you don't have a plan, then you have no direction on where to start and where to go. And the end result will be the same as not following the blueprints for the home.

There's more to it than just having a plan though. You have to have an order in which things take place. In the case of the home, you start with the foundation. The foundation is what's going to carry the weight of the home once it's completed. It keeps the structure leveled and allows for the next steps of construction. In online business this can be either your hub or main page. It supplies the support necessary for the other elements of the business. These other elements can be things like sales, marketing, or customer service.

Are you getting the picture? Good.

You see, once you have a strong foundation you can easily move on to the other elements like framing, roofing and siding, plumbing and electric, insulation, drywall, spackle, paint and ultimately the finishing work. Before you know it you have a completed home ready for a family to live in. With your business, that family is your customer base. Without them all the hard work you did would ultimately be worthless. Homebuilders don't build homes with the intent of leaving them empty, much like you wouldn't build your business with the intent of never having customers.

Now, you might think that it stops there. But it doesn't. Though the home might be complete, there are always things that can be done. These can include things like painting, landscaping, or just regular maintenance. Down the road you can always add something like a deck, garage, or an addition. In business, things are constantly evolving also. You need to stay up to date with the latest trends, products and services, or marketing methods. If you don't, you risk losing profits much like you would lose value your home. I wouldn't want to pay top dollar for outdated home. Would you?

At the end of the day the plan or blueprints are what you're going to build off of, and continue to build off of, well into the future. With a strong foundation for your business, you're left with nothing to do but continue to grow. Stick to these rules consistently, and you'll always be sure to finish ahead.

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