5 Amazing Road Trips in America and Ways it Can Make You Money!

Americans have a basic freedom of spirit that is best expressed in their vacationing choices. No other country in the world possibly has so many people joining the bandwagon of road trippers crisscrossing the land through its well maintained national highways. Although America offers many possibilities for road trippers, there are 5 amazing road trips in America that all roadies must indulge in before conventional cars become extinct. What better way to embrace freedom?

The national highways cutting across the nation in every direction are all just gateways to an infinity of possibilities for exploration. But among them the Route 66 stands our as offering sights and high points that cover a wide range of interests and themes. From the unique Grand Canyon to the crimson stoned barren lands of the Native American Four Corners area in Arizona. It shows what hewed the strength and masculinity of the basic American character. If you include the Las Vegas tour into the drive, you can experience the architectural wonders of English castles, the pyramids of Egypt, Venetian canals and the Eiffel Tower in its luxurious, yet surprisingly cheap, rich resorts. Your kids will have wonderful stories to recount of how they spent their summer on road trips across America, and learn plenty beyond the official school curriculum.

The beauty of the American Pacific coast is a reminder to one and all of the great natural treasures of this nation. Highway1 has often been considered as one of the most scenic drives on Earth, offering one of the best road trips in America. Along the coast of the Big Sur, a drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles is one drive you'll love to share with your family - incredible Hearst Castle and the impressive Monterey Bay Aquarium provide colorful family entertainment.

Driving from a cold, damp city to a hot, wet city through the very attractive New England, downward through the Eastern Shores, Southern States and on to New Orleans is best experienced in the fall. Watch the seasons change along the Eastern Coast, and experience the mortifying humidity of Louisiana. With lots of erstwhile Confederate civic centers to explore on the route, you'll need to keep your drinking caps on for the alleys of the Big Easy and the breathtaking French Quarter on American roadtrip.

Any pretext is a good one, when exploring the western coast of America all the way up to gorgeous Canada by road. Canadians on the western shores really live it up and display the meaning of having a good time and the temptation to cross the border can get pretty strong. Move into Oregon's Portland next if you're interested in the punk culture, quench your thirst in the northern vine-lands of California and San Francisco Bay and finally San Diego shows you what road trip America is all about.

But the "real" road trip of America is the trip from LA to New York. While the Big Apple is arguably the financial capital of the world, the City of the Angels shows what it means to live a larger than reality life through the power of entertainment and glamour at its peak. Both cities have been contenders in the fight for the best and the most Americanized city and have staunch followers. But you take this one helluva ride and decide by travelling right through America who represents its spirit better.

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