3 Great Tips for Building Your Business

Awesome, now you have a business - but how do you build it? Where do you go from here? You've come a long way with deciding WHAT business you want; now, you need to make it yours and make it profitable for your family. Below are 3 great tips for building your business big

1) Persistence: No matter how you choose to build your business, if you do not do it persistently and with dedication, each and every day, it will be all for not. Persistence is the key to any business opportunity - no "biz opp" is going to be profitable and lucrative right off of the bat, and to expect such is expecting something that is entirely unrealistic. You will start off small, with maybe a sale or two here, an enrollment or two there. Do not get disheartened! Persistence is key - you will get there. If you only make 1 sale a week in the beginning, that is still 4 sales in your first month. If you improve by only 1 more sale a week, that doubles your monthly income. Do the math - persistence will pay off

2) Find one niche and stick to it: Is your skill set dealing with webpages, capture screens and coding? Do your marketing entirely online... but if you live in a decent area with a nice population and you're not afraid to just talk to people, market offline in the cold-prospecting way. You need to find where YOU are naturally gifted at... once you start earning an income through your natural talents, THEN you can afford to start learning how to do those things that you maybe aren't so good at.

3) Set a schedule: this goes right along with persistence. Do you have a schedule at your J-O-B? Are you required to show up for work, put in your hours, and then leave? Chances are you answered yes to that. You MUST put in the same due diligence for your home based business and SET A SCHEDULE. If you can only afford 4-6 hours per week on a business, fine, then build it on 4-6 hours per week. If you have 34 hours per week you can devote, then devote it, but however much time you have, put it on paper for yourself! Hang it on your fridge, put it in your car, whatever you have to do - just keep it handy and around when it counts. And using your persistence in step #1, make sure to STICK to your schedule religiously. It will pay off dividends in the end.

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