What Makes Up a Good Recipe?

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The secret behind good recipes is hidden inside being trusted and true. Many of the leading cooks are successful because their recipes have been tried by the public and found to work. Many of the cooks who make good recipes have attended a cooking school. In addition, they have developed or discovered what is believed to be genuine recipes. Many of them have published good recipes in cooking magazines, written one or several cook books and worked in different food service places. The question often arises “What makes a great recipe?” The things that make a good recipe include:

· Great ingredients

You may choose to prepare a recipe using generic ingredients purchased from the grocery store within your locality and a second recipe using quality ingredients that have been gathered painstakingly from grocery stores located far and wide. You will discover a difference which is not necessarily dramatic. The most important thing is to choose ingredients that add value to your recipe.

· Time tested recipes

Everyone has at least one or several recipes they value and cherish from an early age. Many of these recipes are hand-written from the elderly and other cookbooks that are no longer published anymore. When prepared, the recipes generate time tested nostalgia, recreating the joy that needs to be remembered for many days to come. For many of these recipes, when the cook seeks to update or improve them according to the current trends, the results are always less edifying.

· Recipes derived from professional test kitchens

It is disturbing that a large percentage of highly regarded and famous cookbooks produced by famous chefs advertise recipes that have never been tested. Many of the recipes have been invented by famous authors or chefs while others have been invented by ghost writers without seeking for the approval of professional test kitchens. However, it would need some cash to submit manuscript to any professional test kitchen to determine whether the recipe works according to the advertisement. Sadly, only a few of the publishers take the necessary steps to ensure the recipes achieve the necessary approval from professional test kitchens.

· Care about the food, ingredients and dinner guests

If you love food as well as the process of preparing the food, you are likely to make up a good recipe. In addition, if you love and care for your ingredients as well as the guests for whom you seek to prepare the meal; you will discover the food will turn out great.

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