Valley of the Rocks, North Devon

You can't take a trip to North Devon and miss out on going to see the Valley of the Rocks, used as a dramatic backdrop for different film and tv shows such as Top Gear.

It was well worth a visit to see this local feature, and if you're not afraid of heights why not take a walk along the path that runs along the cliff edge, probably not advisable if it's wet and windy.

Nearby there is a local cricket ground that has an awesome view of the valley, though the players had best not get distracted or they might lose the game.

The valley itself is unusual in that it's a dry valley and nobody knows why as normally the river that created it would be running through the middle of it, however, this has left its mark and helped form the unique character of the rocks.

The steep drop off of the cliff can be seen in the picture above, the track it was taken from drops off like this and isn't very wide, so we had to keep reminding the kids to watch where they were going.

All over this area, you'll find walking tracks and places to explore, as we were visiting at the end of a long day of exploring we only had time for a short walk along the cliff edge, having young kids with us meant we had to keep a close eye on them as the drop off at the side of the path is fairly steep.

There is a pay and display car park a short walk from the rocks, and it's just after the cricket ground, that's on the right-hand side as you go down the hill and into the valley, you can also enter the valley from the other side though this is a private road with a toll on it, we choose not to use this road as we usually try to avoid toll roads.

For those into photography with the dramatic landscape in this area, you should be able to get some great pictures no matter the weather, with many great vantage points all around if your willing to take a hike up the nearby hills of climb one of the rocks.

There are many goats in the area and many of them are hard to see in the scrub above your head while walking the coast path.

So remember to add this place to your bucket list when visiting South West England

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