Things Plant-Crazy People Have at Home

It was my first time visiting the boyfriend at his home. I was so nervous that I think will pee or collapse on the floor, whichever will come first. While left along the in their living room, I look around. I wasn't prepared to be amazed by what I saw. Can you guess what?

They say that curiosity killed the cat. But, I'm not a cat, right? But, I find myself standing and walking around their house.

I found myself standing in front of a magical crystal orb a size of a fish bowl. I peeked inside a saw layers of stone, pebbles, charcoal and soil topped with plastic looking plants. Later that day, I discovered it was a terrarium. I should have known by now that his mother is a plant enthusiast. I wonder where they bought it. I also want something like it on my bedside table. Perhaps one of these days, I can ask him to teach if how to create one.

Still, the boyfriend and the rest of the family is nowhere to be found. I moved deeper into their home and smiled because I saw a shelf full of books. From children's storybooks to cookbooks to Harry Potter, I wonder why the boyfriend hasn't told me that he likes Harry Potter. I have been a Potterhead since forever. I opened one of my favorite, the Goblet of Fire when I found dried and pressed flowers inside random pages. There are roses, chrysanthemums, daisies and many of those I couldn't name. They were beautiful.

Finally, he emerged out of his bedroom. He said he took a shower. Yes, he did. How did I know? His hair is wet and he smelled of fresh flowers-- some kind of lavender. Like the judgmental person that I am, it crossed my mind if he is not as straight as he appears to be. I was surprised that he said, "my mom buys our shampoo." I really tried not to laugh, I was so embarrassed.

Going outside their backyard, this is where I connected all the pieces. His mother is a very big fan of plants and flowers. Their garden affirmed. It is a bed of various plants and flowers that are creatively planted and architectured. Recyclable flower plants like colored boots, crates, and creative clay pots are everywhere. On the center of the garden is a round table with lots of delicious looking foodstuff.

My smile couldn't get any bigger when he offered me a bouquet of colorful carnations. I think I would keep this one.

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