Introducing the Best Weed Pulling Tools

Weeding is something every amateur gardener should be careful about. Weeds can't be completely eliminated if you leave even a part of the root and stem embedded in the soil. With the kind of nutrients available in the soil of a regular garden, these sturdy little growths will sprout back in a matter of weeks, as if they were never gone in the first place! It's clear that weeds need to be removed fully, root and branch. Weed pulling tools are the gardener's best bet in this scenario. Using weed killer chemicals can be counter-productive for soil fertility as it consists of very strong toxins. It should be used in limited quantities. Weed pulling tools are a better bet for home gardeners as well as small farmers- urban and rural. These tools can be used when the soil is loose and easily disturbed, which allows the gardener to remove weeds easily.

Long Handled Weed Pulling Tools

Long handled weed pulling tools are perfect for farms and large gardens where more ground has to be covered by the farmer. Weeds growing in the pathways between planted crops can be easily removed with these tools. Precision weed pullers like collinear hoe, SHW Upright hoe and Dewitt Half moon hoe can be used to work on small isolated weed patches that are just sprouting up in loose, cultivated soil. When the weed infestation is a bit larger in extent and growth these hoes can be switched for long handled stirrup hoes which can drag weeds from the base without much physical effort from the operator. This hoe can be used to cover larger plots in lesser time. Long handled tools allow the gardener to work without bending down or stooping to apply more pressure. This saves a lot of effort and causes no physical discomfort to the farmer.

Short Handled Weed Pulling Tools

Short handled weed pulling tools are used when farmers work with raised soil beds or weeds growing among the cultivated plants. A long handled tool would end up damaging the plants as well, while these tools allow the gardener to work in a small area. Winged Weeder Junior, Circle hoe and mini stirrup hoe are the smaller weed pulling tools which are easily available.

Combination Pulling and Chopping Tools

Combination hoes are best used when the soil is hard and dense, making weed pulling that much harder. Both long handled and short handled tools are available in the combination type. The head of the tool is much heavier to allow chopping and light soil digging. The area around the weeds should be worked upon to expose the base and roots. After the soil is loose, the weed can be pulled away easily. These combination tools are heavier, but they are more economical to own than having separate pulling and slicing tools.

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