How To Cook The Lazy Rice

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Rice is a dish consumed in most parts of the world and has so many ways to make it. After a hard day’s work, most of us look for ways to make the simplest meal, and this recipe is designed with that in mind.


1 cup rice.
1 cup boiled black beans.
1 cup boiled green peas
1 cup boiled corn.
1 large ripe tomato.
A large onion.
2 cloves garlic.
A bunch of coriander
2 large carrots.
A large green pepper.
2 tablespoons cooking oil
½ a teaspoon salt.

How to Prepare the Ingredients.

1. Wash the pepper, coriander, carrots and the tomatoes and dry thoroughly.
2. Chop the pepper and the tomatoes in separate containers.
3. Grate the carrots.
4. Dice the onions and the garlic together.
5. Remove the corn from the cob and boil until soft.
6. Boil the beans until soft.
7. Boil the green peas.
8. Dice the coriander.

How to cook.

1. In a large pot put the onion and the garlic and the cooking oil and cook to a light brown in color.
2. Put in the green pepper and salt and cook for a minute.
3. Put in the tomatoes and cook for a minute.
4. Put in the boiled beans, the boiled corn, the boiled peas and the grated carrots stirring as you add each ingredient to ensure that you mix thoroughly. Cook for three minutes.
5. Put in the rice and stir for a minute and then add 21/2 cups of water and cover with a lid and cook for around 20 minutes.
6. Put in the coriander and turn off the heat and let the pot stand for five minutes as the coriander steams.
7. Serve the food.


• Be careful as you cook the garlic as it burns quickly.
• The water has to cook through by the time the rice is ready.
• Taste the rice to ensure that it is soft, if it is not to your satisfaction a little hot water can be added to ensure the desired softness is achieved.
• The coriander should always be diced at the last minute before being added to the food so that it retains its lovely flavor.
• If you don’t have fresh tomatoes, you can substitute with dried tomato powder or the tinned tomato paste.
• This meal can be eaten on its own but if some energy is left over after cooking, you can steam some cabbage and add a little butter as a side meal.
• Some people also love adding a piece of avocado to the meal at the table.
• Red ground pepper can also be added to the table for those who love the spicy kick.
• If green peas are not available the dry once can be boiled and used as a substitute.
• All the boiled ingredients can be pre-boiled before the actual day of the cooking e.g during the weekend and refrigerated in potions sizes ready for cooking on the material day ingredients.

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