Go For Interior Planting To Boost Workplace Efficiency

Everybody loves plants but not all like the idea of growing and taking care of the same. However, this is mainly because people are largely ignorant of the blessings that plants offer to us on an everyday basis. Yes, plants give us shade, edible fruits, colorful flowers, oxygen, natural beauty, and many more things during their entire life span. It may sound strange, but numerous studies about workplaces have revealed that apart from improving the aesthetics of an office interior, plants actually boost the workplace efficiency too. Therefore, no wonder, workplaces across the world are now gradually embracing interior planting. Now the big question is how as the general notion of increasing workplace efficiency is boosting the morale of employees, keeping them happy and of course some other planned strategies.

Interior Planting Reduces Sick Leaves

Workplace efficiency suffers a lot when multiple employees ask for a sick leave. During such a time, it becomes tough to grant their leaves or to keep the workflow unaffected in their absence. Naturally, the rest of the employees have to work more to manage the workload, but just go for interior planting and the number of sick leaves will reduce drastically.

According to a study conducted for more than two decades, it has been found that interior planting has a positive impact on SBS i.e. sick building syndrome in which employees working in buildings experience stress, headaches, and many other health problems that eventually leads to sick leaves. Most of the workplaces have not so Eco-friendly construction material and moreover the toxic chemicals emitted from paint, carpets, etc. give rise to a large number of indoor pollutants. Interior planting simply minimizes the presence of these pollutants like formaldehyde from particleboard, paper, and carpets or benzene emitted from floor tile adhesives, paint, etc. In short, interior planting makes the air fresh by continuously emitting oxygen in abundance, so vital for us to stay alive!

Interior Planting Increase Ability To Focus

Have some interior planters with flowers or just green foliage and there will be a gradual increase in the ability to focus while at work. As per the study conducted by an eminent researcher Kate Lee, it is now clear that even a simple gaze at a computerize image of greenery can increase an ability to focus on a repetitive work. Views of green roofs too increase attention and improves mood. No wonder, many workplaces now have plenty of indoor plants and those who do not have much free space, prefer to go for interior planting via vertical planters. It also aids in making the employees self-reflective, which motivates them to work more efficiently. Have some pots of flowering plants and employees will be more inclined to think innovatively while at work and in innovation is now the key to success for any organization.

Some of the plants that are ideal for interior planting in an office environment are asparagus fern, peace lily, aloe, snake plant, spider plants, rubber plant, money plant, jade plant, and Dracaena reflexa.

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