Gardening: How to Save Water

You may think that plants only need water but the truth is that they need much more. There are different ways to look after your garden without using thousands of litres of water per day. Here are some ways that you may find helpful.

Covering your garden in compost not only gives the plants maximum nutrients they need to survive but it also locks the moisture in. If there is moisture in the sand you don't need to water it every day. Plus, over-watering plants could drown them and kill them.

Any water that does not contain heavy duty cleaning chemicals will be satisfactory for your garden. So you can recycle the water if you don't want to throw it down the drain. Dishwashing liquid isn't harmful to your garden and you can use that water to feed your grass every day.

You can also recycle water you use for your cooking. Water used to clean your vegetables is the safest since the most irritating component is the sand from the leaves. This only bothers your taste buds and is not harmful to plants. Water from boiling food such as pasta and vegetables is also harmless. Just make sure that the water is no longer boiling hot when you pour it into your garden.

If you plant flowers closer to each other, less water will be used in one area. Although plants need space to grow roots, small spaces can bring your bill down by quite a bit.

If you have trees in your garden, make sure that you plant your seeds in the shade of the tree. If your garden is cool and doesn't have constant sunlight drying it up, less water is needed to keep them alive.

Collecting rain water will be useful to water your garden. If it were to rain you will have enough water for another day. Keep a barrel close to any drainage systems and gutters. You will be surprised how much water you collect from the wet weather.

Buy an attachment for your hosepipe that has a larger range and uses water sparingly. The more concentrated the area to which the water goes to, the more water you are using for just one plant. With a wider range attachment less water is being used because of the built in separation system.

Create walkways in your garden or add a patio. You can add patio tiles which will require less grass to be planted and thus use less water.

With prices increasing in every area of society, it's becoming expensive to own a garden and maintain all the plants. Save water and save money.

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