Food As We Know It!

Eating clean and healthy is all I have aspired for from my 20's; I've found comfort in the arms of food. This was when my eating habits were all wrong, but little did I know that food had the capability to also change my mind and emotions, leave apart from my body.

Every single time you were probably upset, and ate something after which your day just miraculously brightened up, was not actually a miracle. Food by its self possesses the quality of regulating one's moods, because each food is associated with organs and emotions. This new revelation got me thinking about, how do I usually feel after I have eaten something?

So I began maintaining a diary and jotting down everything I ate. Right next to that I made a note of how I felt after eating it, followed by how my day was. I kept a tab of this information for two long weeks. Every time I ate something I'd quickly make a note. This exercise was fun because it acquaints you what makes your day happy and what contributes to a lousy day.

Now it was time to analyse and well it is no surprises that junk, oil- dripping foods, heavy masaledar khaana etc. were the main culprits of a lazy, lazy, lazy day!

Why did this happen? Oily and greasy foods load up the liver, when this happens the liver does not process blood and store clean blood - it is like sludge sitting in an organ which produces anger and frustration as a result of being sludged up. Therefore one of the best things when going on a detox is to start eating lighter, cleaner foods with sometimes no oil at all. My days were rather bright and cheerful on consuming light foods like salads, food cooked in less oil, fruits etc; I was also able to think better and engage in activities like a yoga session or pranayamic breathing: yin (expansive) activities which balanced me out.

As weird as it may sound, what we eat really does reflect on our mood that day; because of the organs it will impact. For e.g., excessive sugar on any given day will impact the spleen and pancreas causing anxiety and worry, the emotions that are associated with these organs. Eating leafy greens which rise upward with expanded 'chi' support the heart (the upper part of the body) and the heart is associated with 'joy', hence the feeling of lightness when I eat salads, or fruits, or foods cooked with less or no oil. Also the heart is intimately connected with mind and emotions.

This little exercise of jotting down what I was eating and how I was the rest of the day helped me make some really good alterations in my daily diet. These changes have not only helped to bring a positive change in my personal life but also helps to keep me cheerful all day long.
It proved to be beneficial to me and I would recommend that you try it too!

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