Easy Lawn Care: Tips for a Perfect Lawn

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A lush and green lawn is a wonderful sight to behold but many homeowners believe a green lawn is difficult to achieve, let alone maintain. Below are a handful of simple tips homeowners can follow to establish a terrific lawn and maintain it.

Eliminate and prevent weeds before they sprout

Weeds are a big sore eye for any homeowner who has a lawn. The simplest way to get rid of them is to remove them by hand. Other than that, homeowners should also use pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds from germinating further. Pre-emergent herbicides are best used during the spring and during early mornings when there is enough moisture. Most weed control products need moisture to stick to weed leaves. It is also important to follow packaging instructions when using lawn treatments or lawn care products to ensure safety and correct application.

Mow high and mow frequently

Many homeowners think that cutting their lawn short will save them time and energy because they would have to mow less frequently. However, this can greatly affect their lawn’s overall aesthetics, not to mention that this also encourages weed growth. Homeowners should remember to keep grass a bit tall and mow more frequently. The general rule here is to not cut off more than a third of the grass blades. Also, keeping mower blades sharp is important to prevent grass tearing. When the grass looks frayed or shredded after mowing that is already a good sign that mower blades need to be sharpened.

Regularly water and feed the lawn

The best time to water ones lawn is during the early morning when the sun is not yet up and won’t dry out the soil and grass. Nighttime watering, on the other hand, may result in prolonged moisture and excess moisture can cause a plethora of plant diseases. Many homeowners also have this notion that wetting grass is enough, which is incorrect because plants need to be soaked up from the leaves down to the roots and soil. Feeding the lawn with fertilizer is also a good practice to keep grass healthy and maintain their lush appearance and color. Nitrogen is the most important plant nutrient so purchasing and using nitrogen-based fertilizers will do wonders for your lawn.

Reseed sparse areas

Some lawn areas will definitely be thinner than others and the best way to remedy it is through reseeding. Reseeding is an easy way to lush up a lawn with many sparse areas. Reseeding should ideally be done during the fall. Homeowners should also be careful not to use any pre-emergent herbicides while reseeding because this will prevent grass seedlings from growing.

Lawn-train dogs

Homeowners who also have dogs should spend time to properly lawn-train their pets. Dog urine contains high levels of nitrogen and too much nitrogen can cause grass to turn yellowish or it can kill them. It is necessary to properly train dogs that spend a significant amount of time in the yard. Train them to only use one part of a lawn to prevent them from spotting and ruining other areas.

Applying these few lawn care tips will greatly improve the look of your lawn and maintain the lush, green look you’re after.

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