Do You Want to Earn Money by Writing Travel Blog

Everyone says blog to earn money. And in this process they start selling domains, website, web hosting, SEO and eBooks. Does blogging really makes money? Today I will explained you how to make money by writing travel blog.

I won't give free advice on where to buy your domain, website or hosting. And I won't encourage you to buy expensive SEO or eBooks. My simple advice to you all is to write quality contents which is in demand.

Forget about keywords and search engine Optimisation. If you write best niche blogs, Google will automatically crawl your blogs and indexed from time to time. They will surely put your blog in their high ranking pages.

Writing travel blog is the easiest and most profitable niche. Some bloggers are saying technology is the best. Yes, by writing technology blogs, some bloggers are earning Rs 50 lakhs. They have occupied that niche and I won't encourage you to compete with them.

I am not discouraging from writing technology blogs. All bloggers are writing on same topic, tips and techniques. What new things will you write to compete with them?

What to write on travel blog

Let us focus on writing such blog. You don't need to go to Rome or New York to write travel blog. Write about your city, village and State. I would suggest these topics for you to start as soon as possible.

Write about temples, place of interests, parks, shopping malls and place to hang out. Why I am saying this? Do you find any blog which elaborately focus on all these topics?

Write your blogs in such a way that people read your blog and visit the place. Do you heard about Chiang Mai?

Few years ago, it was not in the list of tourist destination. But, today if you are visiting Thailand and not staying in Chiang Mai, your trip is incomplete.

People know about this small city island in Thailand from reading travel blogs. You can promote your localities. There will be not many contents in Google search. Let your travel blog be the authority in Google.

Writing travel blog is also rewarding. You are not only earning money from Google AdSense or other monetization program.

You will get the opportunity to sell hotel rooms at discounted price, the flight at cheaper price and you can get commissions from shops which sells unique products.

Make a list of all the stuffs which are perfect for family adventures travel. Cover the adventure sports in your writing. Even you can sell the exotic handlooms and handicrafts in your blog.

Writing a blog can be clubbed with photography. You can sell original photographs to magazines and websites. You will be the authority of your select locations. People will consult you as a tour guide as well.

I can help you in writing

If any event is happening in your place, write 5-6 articles and promote the event and get paid as sponsor blog. I will help you in writing travel blog. For this, not a single money will be charged.

I can be guest writer in your blog and provide SEO rich contents for your blog. Focus on getting traffics for 6 months. Ultimately your travel blog will make money for you.

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