Designing My Home Garden

When building our new home, we had to design a front garden and a garden for the side of the house that wasn't getting much light.

My front garden area was quite a large area and the climate that I live in is fairly coastal, so I really needed to do a lot of research into what types of plants would actually grow in my area. Not only that, but the soil that was on my property wasn't very good, and I had to get a lot of organic soil bought in to substitute the sandy type of soil that was there.

When I did manage to find the plants that I wanted, and started to plant them I found having a little seat was handy, as my back was getting really sore from leaning over and bending down a lot. Not everyone would benefit from a bulky item when gardening but with the chunky wheels on some gardening seats I found would take me all over the garden without getting stuck.

My garden hose nozzle was one that I could easily adjust and was similar to this product on the page, watering the garden with this was so much more simple, rather than using an older style nozzle or a pouring type device.

I asked my husband to go to the local hardware and get me a gardening kit with a small shovel and the like, but they fell apart so quickly, therefore, I decided I'd never do that again. Instead I searched amazon on the internet and was able to find my most favourite set of gardening tools which I've also included on this page.

I found that gardening was great not only for a way of switching my busy brain off from the daily grind, but was a way in which I could encourage our kids to get out in the sunshine and assist with the duties that all gardeners at times need help with. My son in particular loved to get around the garden with a little trolley type device when he was younger, carrying all the little budding plants that we were planting and the tools that I didn't want to carry around my hips. It was really cute to watch him really get into the whole prospect of planting a tree and watching it grow. Little pulling carts were wonderful for him transporting our gardening tools, and it made him feel special helping us out.

Gardening with a lot of color has a way of brightening up our day too. I love gerberas' and pansies and have them all over my garden beds. They don't flower all year long though, so I've had to come up with other solutions for winter flowering plants like the snowflake tree. This ensures at least one of my garden looks pretty all year around.

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