3 Best USA State Parks For Viewing Wildlife

If you're camping with the whole family, one of the most interesting activities that you can try is viewing wildlife in their natural habitat. It's not only a fun experience, but extremely educational, too. Just don't forget to educate the young ones about safety precautions when it comes to encountering wild animals.

Also, don't forget to bring essential gear to maximize the experience - pack a camera, binoculars and telescopes!

Look into any of these 3 best state parks for viewing wildlife:

Bald Eagle State Park (PA)

Located at the heart of Pennsylvania is the beautiful Bald Eagle State Park. It is 5,900 acres of fields, forests and wetlands inhabited by a very diverse wildlife. If you want to view wildlife, this is one of the best locations to do so!

Depending on the season you visit, you are very likely to encounter an abundance of animals living in their natural habitat. Monarch butterflies, squirrels, rabbits and woodchucks are a common sight. At Bald Eagle Mountain, porcupines and turkeys thrive. Red-winged blackbird and white-tailed deer frequent the wetlands. If you're lucky, you might even encounter the elusive snapping turtles!

And of course, this is also the perfect place to spot the majestic bald eagles!

Buescher State Park (TX)

Buescher State Park is considered to be a wildlife haven. It is blessed with a very diverse environment inhabited by over 250 bird species (perfect for bird watching!) It is home to the large pileated woodpecker, armadillos, bobcats, rabbits, raccoons and white-tailed deer.

Not only that, Buescher State Park also has a wonderful selection of flora with many flowering plants, pines, oaks and grasslands.

The park also houses a lake perfect for fishing. You can also enjoy biking and hiking here.

Snow Canyon State Park (UT)

If you love outdoor fun and scenic adventures, Snow Canyon State Park is a good choice for a trip. Some activities that you can try here include hiking, wildlife viewing, horseback riding and nature studies. There are also plenty of nice photographic opportunities here for family photos.

Snow Canyon boasts of 5 miles of equestrian trails and 18 miles of landscape trails (of lava rock and Navajo sandstone) that are inhabited by unusual wildlife like the protected desert tortoise.

Wildlife viewing is truly an incredible experience that children will remember for a long time. Just be sure to follow the rules of the park regarding interacting with the animals. Plan a trip now and visit any of the 3 best USA State Parks for viewing wildlife!

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