10 Steps I Followed To Spark Life Into My Kitchen

What pops up in your mind when I say, "Kitchen"? I've come across many who'd say, "A messy counter top, different appliances, stuffed utensils." Others didn't answer. I think they couldn't make up their minds on what to say. Very few replied fancy tables, great colors, and enjoyable cooking experience! I don't blame them! We are so concerned with bed and bath that we forget other rooms exist.

I am no interior decorator. But I prefer adding personality to my rooms. My kitchen is also a fun place since I spend a lot of time there. I have read blogs, magazines and what not to find styling options for it.

Until I decided, I'm doing this myself. So, I put my "Home Improvement" gear on and got to work. Below are 10 things I did to spike up my kitchen.

I chose a suitable color. The first thing I did is measuring my room space. It was moderate. I moved on to selecting the color. Initially, I thought of doing wallpapers. But then I came across some light colors which would ideally suit the kitchen with the sunny atmosphere during the daytime.

Light colors allow reflected light to brighten the kitchen in nights. So, "Sky-Blue" was a go for me.

I stylized the counter-side with Tiles. Not a big fan of them. But I figured "Sky Blue" tiles would do "Not too Bad" at one side of the kitchen. I decided to put my kitchen counter there. Many of my peers put "Dark Colored" tiles. Since I picked a jolly theme, I thought matching tiles will give it a great vibe.

I put plants in my kitchen. No. I am not trying to turn my cooking room into a part-time garden. But small or "Smallish" plants are a go for me. I stacked many against the wall. I am no professional chef, but nonetheless, the plants makes me look like one.

Next thing I did was styling the counter top. The kitchen room was moderate sized. So, I choose a countertop that will compliment the size. A white coated wooden counter on one size was the need of the hour. On the opposite side, I used a stove at the bottom with a wooden "Table Like" cover. Again, white colored. Beside the stove, I put some flowers in a vase.

Picking the utensils was a tough job. It was a pick between glass utensils and ceramics. I chose white ceramics. It is my personal choice. Websites, magazines, and expert interior decorators also speak about picking darker colors just to give you the contrast. I figured green plants, white utensils, and sky-blue background will give the cooking room diversity that it needs.

Next thing to do was to choose the appliances. I don't really go overboard with my choice of electric appliances. My family is a bunch of "Coffee Addicts" so to speak. So, I kept a small home espresso maker on the counter.

Cooking is my hobby besides writing. But it takes time. To minimize the cooking time, I prefer a small pressure cooker on the counter top. A 5-Quart Pressure Cooker is my ideal choice. If you are for an "Automated Kitchen", you can add more options.

An oven is the next kitchen furniture that was on my list. The quality was a top priority along with size. I am not recommending you any specific brand. But choose from the reputed ones in the market.

Need a cutting board? Choose the wooden ones. I favor "Not too thin, not too thick" ones for any kitchen. Also, you're golden if you can find some natural textures on your cutting board.

You can always group things together. Try to keep similar things together. Or do a grouping which increases the visual appeal of your kitchen. For example, put the coffeemaker along with teapots and cups. You can also group your pressure cooker among plates, trays or dinner sets and fry pans.

Decorate the upper cabinet. Many of us just stuff things on top of each other. Finally, they put everything in the upper cabinet. These are things that we seldom use. I put the antique utensils on the upper cabinet. You can also use the season-specific equipment. A wicker basket in the cabinet will look great. Feel free to add your own touch.

I decided to decorate a part of the kitchen. I got the idea from a friend. She told me to put a shelf in one part of the kitchen. So, I did. I also mounted some pictures. The right side of my kitchen has a window. I used curtains that I can lift when I wish. Also, I put decorative objects like vases on a niche.

Very often arranging mugs and bowls help. I also have a wall rack. There I keep plants that hang down. Again, the rack is a perfect place for cups and glass sculptures.

Bored of reading the long article? Let me put you at ease. The things you can do with your kitchen are limitless. Even if one lives in a smaller apartment, proper decoration can lift the kitchen up. A kitchen is an important part of your house. Just as important as your living room or bedroom are.

Appliances, ceramic cookware and the decorative objects can vary. For instance, you can try an electric pressure cooker, a stainless steel one or simply no pressure cooker at all. Sometimes, a larger coffee maker can lift the counter. Shiny kitchen knives and exotic teapots are great options to use.

What I tried was simply to give my kitchen a face lift. You can do it yourselves by tweaking simple things. Have any ideas of your own? Just comment the ideas below and let us learn together.

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