Natural Health Lifestyle – An Alternative to Growing Old

Wrinkles are connected to an ageing process that a natural health lifestyle may assist in holding at bay. So why grow old before your time?

Including a sensible diet, as part of a natural health lifestyle will assist in keeping wrinkles away. For instance omega-3 rich foods will help in keeping the skin moist, to deter wrinkles from forming. Oily fish such as mackerel, trout and salmon are such foods. We are talking about fresh varieties, as the canning process destroys much of the value, although tinned sardines are a considered beneficial. Combined with fresh salad, so called oily fish, could be at the center of delicious recipes to complement your natural health lifestyle, and assist you in looking young and wrinkle free.

Your natural health diet will assist with keeping your weight under control. If your weight is prone to wild fluctuation, your skin may not always have time to recover from sagging to stretching, and wrinkles could bring about the appearance of premature aging.

You should be guided by your natural health lifestyle, to limit your exposure to excess sunlight that is one of the major causes of wrinkles. It is sensible to cover up by wearing light clothing and to protect your face with one of the broad brimmed hats, such as are available in a variety of styles. Through your natural health lifestyle you will appreciate that you should also protect your eyes from strong sunlight. Therefore, a good pair of sunglasses are essential, and if you choose the wrap round style, they will not only protect your eyes, but also the surrounding area. Crows feet are really small wrinkles that can be prevented in this way.

Sunscreens are a must to treat exposed areas of skin in sunny conditions. Choosing a natural health sunscreen, with natural ingredients, will not only protect you from the potentially damaging ultra violet rays, but also assist your skin to resist wrinkles, and preserve your ageless appearance.

Most natural health enthusiasts steer clear of sun beds, because artificial sunlight can be as bad, or even worse than misuse of the real thing, in hastening the aging process. Tanning is not really very good for you, and when the wrinkles set in, premature aging could offset any short-term improvement in appearance. It would be preferable to use a self-tanning preparation made from natural ingredients. Excellent natural cosmetic preparations are available.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), could be used as an exfoliate to remove dead skin, and may assist in preventing wrinkles. AS AHAs appear naturally in some plants and fruits, you could consult your herbalist or pharmacist for advice on natural products, including moisturizers that can enhance your natural health lifestyle.

Feeling good, and looking good with but few wrinkles, are significant benefits of a natural health lifestyle. It might not quite stop the aging process in its tracks, but seem to do so from your ageless appearance.

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