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-12 Tortillas. The sizes of the tortilla can vary between brand and manufacturer. In general, the larger the tortilla, the easier it is to wrap and handle. I highly recommend purchasing a size that falls in the ten to twelve inch range. Anything smaller than this will not properly wrap, forcing you to lessen the filling portion. When it comes to bread variant, make sure to purchase something on the healthy side. I suggest getting whole wheat flour tortillas as these will have less calories than other types. Make sure that you are getting flour and not corn tortillas as the corn brands do not freeze as well.

-12 Eggs. You will need larger eggs that have not been cracked. This ingredient provides the burrito with the necessities protein and choline. Make sure to thoroughly cook the yolk when preparing eggs. This will give you high levels of vitamins while reducing the chance of contacting a salmonella infection.

-1 Bell Pepper. Whether it is red, green, or yellow, a single bell pepper will add high vegetable qualities to the burrito. Bell peppers are native to Mexico and cultivated regularly in soil heated to about seventy degrees. The whitish ribs and seeds inside the pepper can be consumed but many people remove them due to their bitter taste.

-1 Red Onion. Red onions tend to come in medium to large sizes and give dishes a sweet flavor. These vegetables can be stored at room temperate for three to four months. One interesting fact about the red onion is that its skin is often used in producing dye.

-1 Teaspoon Vegetable Oil. Vegetable oil is a triglyceride extracted from a plant such as safflowers, canola, and palm. It is used as a heating substance and a flavor base for many dishes around the world.

-1 Teaspoon Salt. While it is often looked at as unhealthy, salt can be used to amplify flavors in foods. It has had a culinary use for the past eight thousand years and can be found in every corner of the world. Salt use to be the primary method to preserving meats before temperature preservation was discovered in the new age.

-2 Yukon Gold Potatoes. Potatoes are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that the human body needs. One potato has about one hundred calories, three grams of protein, two and a half thousand milligrams of dietary fiber, and seven hundred milligrams of potassium. Potatoes are currently grown in all fifty states in America along with one hundred and twenty five countries worldwide.

-1/4 Cup Whole Milk. Milk is a reliable source of calcium and purifying nutrients. It is one of the only substances that your body can survive solely on.

-2 Tablespoons Butter. Butter is used to grease cooking equipment in this recipe along with enriching the flavor of the eggs. Butter is one of the most used foods in cooking and is made by separating cream from milk, then churning said cream.

-1 1/2 Cup Shredded Cheese. It is highly recommended that you use Monterrey Jack cheese for this burrito meal prep. This variant will blend the best with the eggs and potatoes. It is possible to mix in some mozzarella but keep it to a small ratio.

-Optional Additions. Feel free to add any other burrito favorites to your meal. One option would be meats such as sausage, bacon, and ham. Other popular items include salsa, jalapenos, rice, lettuce, and corn.


Step 1: Preheat your oven to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit and arrange a rack in the center.

Step 2: Dice and clean the potatoes, onion, and pepper in a medium sized bowl. Drizzle the oil on top and toss while adding in a half a teaspoon of the salt. Next, pour the vegetables onto a baking sheet and place in preheated oven for twenty minutes.

Step 3: While waiting for the vegetables to roast, whisk together the eggs, milk, and remaining salt in a large bowl. Melt the butter in a small pan over medium heat and add the egg mixture. Stir occasionally and cook for five minutes. Remove from heat and let cool.

Step 4: When both the eggs and vegetable are completely cooled to room temperature, you can begin assembling the burritos. Place individual tortillas on top of individual pieces of aluminum foil. After this, sprinkle two tablespoons of cheese, on fourth cup vegetables, and two tablespoons of egg onto the tortilla. If you have additional ingredients, place them in the tortilla along with the eggs.

Step 5: Roll the burritos tightly by folding the sides over the toppings and rolling from one end to the other. Place the rolled side face down on the aluminum foil and seal the foil over the burrito.

Step 6: Place the wrapped burritos on a cool baking pan and place in the freezer for several hours. After frozen, transfer the burritos from the pan into a gallon sized sip-lock bag. They will stay fresh when stored this way for one to two months.

Step 7: When ready to eat, remove a burrito from its aluminum foil wrapper and place on a plate. Microwave on high for one to two minutes or until internal temperature reaches desired state. Try adding hot sauce or salsa for additional flavor.

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