8 Important All Terrain Vehicle Safety Tips

ATVs, or All Terrain Vehicles are often involved in serious injury accidents. Many times the accident is caused by improper safety training of the operator of the ATV. Tragically, serious injury is not the only result of an All Terrain Accident, fatal incidents are all too common. ATVs, also known as off road vehicles include a variety of vehicles, from a dune buggy to a mini bike, and may also include motorcycles as well as Jeeps and some modified trucks. Intended for extreme sporting, and adventurous fun, ATVs can bring tragic situations. Proper training and being educated about safety can help keep riders and drivers safe.

1. Be aware of the local laws of the area in which you are riding. Do not operate the ATV where it is not lawful to do so. Laws vary greatly, so being well informed can help to keep participants safe.

2 Never drink and drive, no matter what kind of vehicle you are operating. This includes off roading as well, whether you are on public or private roads, the law is the same.

3. Be sure you know your vehicle. The manufacturer's product information informs you about the particulars of your ATV. Get training on your specific vehicle. Practice all facets of how to operate your vehicle, from acceleration to turning, stopping and overall operation.

4. Know how to fix any minor problems. Keep some parts on hand in case you need to replace or repair if you have a minor breakdown.

5. Learn how to avoid tipping over. Tip overs are one of the major causes of ATV injuries and death. Check with local dealerships, many offer driving classes for new riders.

6. Be sure to keep your vehicle clean and insure that all maintenance is done in a timely manner. Never operate an ATV that is broken or needs repairs that have not been done.

7. Go through a safety check each time before you take the vehicle out.

8. Do not go ATVing alone, always be sure you are part of a group. If you should have an accident while riding alone, you may become incapacitated and unable to seek help.

Participating in the sport of using All Terrain Vehicles can be lots of fun. However; there is a reason that they have the reputation of being dangerous. They are not only potentially dangerous, they can be deadly. Each year, children and adults alike are injured and/or killed while riding in ATVs. Some of these accidents are caused by improper use or ignorance, but many times it has been found that the cause of a deadly ATV accident has been a problem with the ATV itself. If that may be the case, you will need the services of an experienced ATV lawsuit attorney.

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