What You Need to Know About Adopting a Pet

People adopt pets for various reasons. For instance, pets can give people a sense a security or a companion so they do not feel lonely, or a jogging / walking mate to help them lose weight or... Whatever the reason there are a few things you need to know about adopting a pet. Here they are.

Points to consider Before Adopting a Pet

1. Is the entire family ready, willing and able to take care of a pet?
2. Is the family in total agreement as to type of pet they would like?
3. Does the family know what to kind of pet is allowable?

For first pet owners:

4. Do you understand basic needs of the pet in mind?
5. Are you aware of the expenses involved?
6. Have you considered the possibility of allergies with family members? To test this out you visit places which have your desired pet eg friends, family, shelters and watch for reactions.
7. Have you considered how the children ( if you have any ) might react to different animals? Take them to the places where they can interact with animals and see how they behave - some children may be fearful of animals.
8. Have you thought about your dwelling and where you live? This may have an impact on what pet you consider adopting eg your lease may not allow pets at all or you may be restricted to small caged pets. Small homes and small yards will rule out larger breeds of dog and some dogs may not be suitable for children.

So do your research as adopting a pet is a long term commitment.

Where you can find a pet to Adopt?

You could buy one from a pet store or breeder or alternatively you can search out 'your' pet at a local shelter for a less expensive option.

Shelters have a huge number of pets like cats, dogs and small animals. A large proportion of these are being euthanized each day and so it could be a socially and rewarding way to find your next best friend. However some animals maybe classed as unadoptable due to signs of fear, aggression or other potential problems and are kept at the shelter. But other animals are lucky enough to find a new home forever.

Shelter Rules for Pet Adoption

Before The Visit:

Make sure everyone

1.is in total agreement to the kind of pet, breed and size you are looking for.

2.is aware of proper animal safety rules like approaching an animal correctly ~ a frightened child may equal a frightened pet which could mean trouble.

3. knows what to expect at the shelter as there are a lot of animals and you can only take one.

4. know the shelters policies for taking the pet home. eg will you need to fill out forms and wait for approval or can you take the pet home that night.

While at the Shelter:

1. remind everyone of the rules and make sure children are close to you at all times.
2. walk through and select a short list for a closer inspection on a return look.
3. ask questions of the shelter staff, including known health history, behaviour and anything else that the animal(s) have and make sure the staff know your intentions.
4. if it is allowed visit the selected pet and watch the interactions with family members.

The best adoption shelters in the country will put each pet and potential owner through vigorous examinations before allowing you to take the pet home.

After The Visit:
1. Allow everyone to discuss his or her feelings about the pet in question. Did you like it or do you think there could be a better option somewhere else?
2. Call the shelter staff and tell them of your decision.

If you have decided to adopt there are forms to fill in and fees to pay.

If you have decided against adoption then tell the shelter staff with your reasons why as they can keep your thoughts in mind when showing the pet to the next potential owner. Or if they do not have any suitable pets at the time of looking then leave your name, contact details and description of your ideal pet. Something may pop in soon.

Adopting a pet should be rewarding and it will be, as long as everyone knows what to expect from the start. And if you understand what you need to know about adopting a pet and choose to adopt from a shelter then you will save a life which will hopefully steal your heart forever.

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