Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

Which is better: Freelance jobs or in-house working?

The answer is not that simple as we think. Each one has its own pros and cons. If you are already bored sitting in a cubicle and dreaming of freedom with your own freelance business, then you should be aware and evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the decision. We have done the work for you and listed pros and cons of being a freelancer.


Freedom: Degree of freedom is high in freelancing or self- employment, which can be in working hours, clients, workstations, vacations etc. Freelancer is nothing but self-employed and in-charge of production, administration, business development.

Flexible Hours: The First advantage that any employee will expect. In freelance employment, one can rule the time and place - can take a full afternoon nap and work at the nights or have a weekend to explore the city. Choose your own working hours, workstation according to your needs, unlike the regular business hours.

Hold all the profits: Freelancing runs on a purpose of more you work the more you earn. Unlike a regular job, can increase the profits and keep all of them. Implement your ideas in the comfortable timings with your clients, put the effort and enjoy 100% of the benefits. No matter, how less the rate is and how large the projects, clients are, freedom to use the money is all yours.


Payment Risk: It was mentioned about profits earlier, but the payment has to be made at the right time for profits. Payment issues are not uncommon in freelance employment but necessary precautions have to be taken to avoid scams. Some of the ways to protect from risks are to ask for advance token of amount from new clients, find out if the client is trustworthy by calling or from other freelancers, take extra care when dealing with foreign clients as their legislation are different from yours, gather as much information as possible like location, web address, head of the company, clarify the payment procedure and etc.

Work-life balance: Unless a freelancer has strong ground rules, it is hard to have a work-life balance. Strict work schedules defined workstation which gives the feel of office even if it is home or spends time at café's, libraries to complete the job. Most of the freelancers lose the interest to work when they fail to distinguish between personal life and professional life.

As a coin has both the sides, freelance also has advantages and disadvantages. Understand the needs and analyze how freelance jobs will work for you.

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