Garden Care: Are You Doing It Right

Garden care is important for the health of your plants. It is better to use natural materials such as crushed shells and pebbles to build structures for flower pots.

Do not expose your plants to chemicals, sunlight, or other harmful substances. Allowing a few hours of exposure can be good for the plant. In fact, direct sunlight for a few hours can protect the young leaves from damage, especially during the hottest part of the day.

Soil is essential to the survival of your plants. Mixing the ingredients and applying them to the soil is very important.

When choosing plants, try to use herbs that can tolerate cold weather. You can also use one herb that can survive exposure to direct sunlight and another that is not sensitive to cold weather. This way, you will have two types of plants.

Plant all of your plants in one pot, to avoid root rot. If the soil is full of cracks and holes, this can cause waterlogged conditions. Use a pot with a drainage hole.

Water the plants at least twice a week, for best results. But, if your garden is small, it is not necessary to water every day. Regular watering will help the soil stay moist all year round.

When doing any gardening activity, be careful not to disturb the roots. You will be surprised how much root rot can happen if you disturb the soil. So, be careful when planting and avoid digging into the ground.

Utilizing the sun, rather than the lights, is a safe method to kill insects. You can place a plastic sheet over the plants and leave it overnight. In the morning, remove the plastic sheet and replace it with an aluminum foil.

The nutrients that are needed by the plants should be in the soil. You should take advantage of the rainy season to spread the fertilizer around the plants. Even if the weather is cold, but the garden is full of weeds, it is better to use fertilizer.

When watering the plants, make sure to wash out all the water and soil. If you don't wash the soil completely, you will be able to damage the plants. When the roots are wet, you can use a sponge or washcloth to get rid of excess water.

Always check on the health of your plants before going to bed. When you are using natural garden supplies, your plants will be healthier. Find out more garden care tips from this article and grow beautiful flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

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