Families Can Explore Nature’s Best Kept Secrets With Cheap Holidays To Miami

The vibrant city of Miami certainly moves to its own beat. Having been a favourite destination for families, couples, groups and honeymooners for years, cheap holidays to Miami offer tourists a lot more than the traditional pulls of South Beach and sunny weather. Having shook off its Miami Vice memories, Florida's little sister of a city is alive with Latin influences, candy coloured Art Deco buildings and plenty to impress even the most hardened traveller. Nature lovers will be in their element by exploring Miami's nature parks, trails and wildlife centres - classed as world-renowned attractions. Why not check out these whilst in Miami to become closer to nature?

The Seaquarium is a 38-acre attraction combines the best of an aquarium with the best of a sea-life centre. Watch in awe as dolphins defy nature and walk on water or killer whales glide gracefully through the air. There are eight different marine animal shows and daily presentations to not only entertain but educate visitors too - after enjoying the park, you can take part in the 'dolphin encounter' where you and your family can touch, feed and play with the dolphins.

Everglades National Park covers 2,500 square miles of forest, lush green and more than a few members of wildlife. Depending on where package holidays are started, you can begin a visit to the park in many different locations around Miami and Florida. You may find yourself spending a morning capturing colourful birds on camera, or hiking in search of the many alligators that call the park home. If possible spend a few days here exploring.

Jungle Island does exactly what it says on the tin but with a few unexpected extras. Get up close and personal with parrots, monkeys and other exotic creatures whilst learning more about these wonderful animals. The benefit of the park is that the animals are kept in as natural a habitat as possible, so you'll feel even closer to nature than ever before. Families and animal lovers will love this on cheap holidays.

Of course, you'll be privy to a lot of nature by just wandering around Miami's beaches. Take the time to appreciate the gorgeous sandy stretches and blue seas, just how nature intended them. Beyond Miami's shiny exterior and funky beats lies a place teaming with natural beauty for everyone - you'll experience and see sights unique to the area. Finish a trip here with a visit to the Fruit and Spice Park, a 30-acre park exhibiting over 500 varieties of fruit, vegetables, spices, herbs and nuts - the only garden of its kind in the USA. Illustrating south Florida's pioneering life; it's a glimpse back at the old Miami, jams and all.

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