Exploring Nature Through Camping

There are many great reasons to consider sending your child to an overnight summer camp. They are going to meet new friends, learn how to handle situations independently (while in a supervised environment), and they will grow a little bit.

One of the biggest bonuses, though, is that sleepaway camp allows kids to unplug and get in touch with nature. In fact, some camps do not even allow them to bring their portable electronic devices because the whole point is to experience camp, not spend yet another week watching YouTube videos.

Here are some of the ways that campers get in touch with nature.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Video games and other forms of entertainment sometimes take away the actual reality of how life is. When kids sit in a canoe or kayak for the first time they are often surprised that it is very hard to row back to shore. This isn't because the center of a lake has some kind of magnetic or gravitational pull, but because they rowed out farther than they were prepared for.

With a little rest they make their way back. Being on the water is a favorite for many of the kids who go away, but the activity is not engaged in without learning a fair level of respect for how the elements are to be navigated as they build muscles they didn't even know they had (or needed).

Hiking and Climbing

Another popular activity is hiking. While teenagers may love walking to the mall for the sense of freedom they can get being out of the house, being out in the woods offers a whole new element of adventure, especially when it is unknown territory.

While the campground is easy to supervise, the kids don't know that, and often feel as though they are getting to be out on their own. As they learn to avoid certain plants, use sunscreen and bug spray, and dress for protection from ticks and scratches, they don't mind getting dirty.

In some instances, kids find some decent climbing trees and may even explore a modest rock face. While it may not seem such like a great feat to an adult, kids who live in the city or suburbs don't normally get this kind of opportunity, and it's a big deal.

Sleeping in Cabins

There is a lot to be said for sleeping in a cabin. Aside from it being less luxurious than a home, it is also connected to the outdoors. This means that kids can step outside and see more than a thousand stars in the sky.

On the one hand they can't get enough of how great this new experience is, and, on the other, they learn to really appreciate the kinds of things they have at home.

When kids go to camp they learn many things about themselves and the world. More than anything else, they also get to be in touch with nature. While some kids get to have this experience regularly, many who attend camp find that they have been missing out on some of the best experiences in life!

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