Camping and Exploring Safety Tips

There are very few things that are more heart warming and satisfying than watching a child play and enjoy nature. On the other hand there is nothing more heartbreaking than having a child severely injured or killed due to an accident while camping or exploring nature. Therefore, we want to provide some camping and exploring safety tips.

Learn First Aid
In most cases, serious accidents can be prevented with planning, preparation and of course first aid. If there is any one thing, you can do to prevent serious injuries and death, then it is to learn first aid, and cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

If your child or any member of your family were to get a serious cut, broken bones or begin to drown, it would be too late. If you haven't prepared yourself by learning first aid including CPR yet, learn it now.

Taking the time to learn the basics of life saving techniques will be the best investment of your time and could save one of your loved ones. Therefore, go online and find where and when you can learn these techniques.

Take an Emergency Whistle
When you go camping make sure you and your children carry an emergency whistle. In many cases, if a child is hurt or lost, their voices won't be loud enough to summon you for help they need.

An emergency whistle can be purchased in just about any sporting good store, dive shop or online. These whistles can be heard for a mile or so, thus giving you a chance to locate the missing or injured person. Whenever you give this whistle to a child make sure he or she keeps it around their neck or on their wrist at all times. If they leave it in the car or at the camp, it will do them and you no good.

Wear a Life Preserver Near Water
If you go where there is any water always make sure that your children have a live preserver on. Even if they are not going to get in the water, your child might slip off the bank and fall in the water.

Many children drown due to accidental slips into the water and can't be heard or found until it is too late. Having a life preserver and a whistle can save your children's life. Checking online or at sporting goods stores for preservers. You will find many different kinds of life preservers. New high tech preservers are lightweight, not bulky and self-inflating. When they are submerged, they will bring you or your child to the surface immediately.

Take a First Aid Kit
Whenever you go camping or exploring nature, make sure you have an adequate first aid kit with you. You can find first aid kits almost everywhere. The more complete the first aid kit the better. You can shop online, ask your first aid teacher, hospital, fire department or any other trained medical personnel. In most cases, they will be more than happy to help you find the best kit to serve you and your family.

When it comes to safety, the three keys are planning, preparation and training. Plan by making sure you and your family know how to summon help if they need it. Prepare yourself by making sure you have adequate first aid equipment available. Get proper training for first aid including CPR. Keeping these three things in mind will help you have a wonderful experience and keep your outing safe.

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